Wrist Cross Tattoos

Have you made commitment to ink wrist cross tattoos? Check out the most popular wrist cross tattoo designs through our gallery. We think there is no need to tell you that cross tattoos on wrist beat all of the best religious tattoo designs.

It is very simple to understand why this kind of tattoo design is becoming very popular amongst both guys and girls. First one as you can hide your cross tattoo on wrist easily in different kind of situations.

And another reason behind their popularity is its symbolism. As you know cross is the ancient and most important symbol in the human history. If you will use cross as a tattoo on your wrist then it will be a symbol of life, immortality and earth, the sun, the stars as well as fertility.

Though getting inked on wrist is quite painful, specially on the inner wrist. If you get any kind of cross on your wrist then it is clear that you are going to endure a lot of pain since our skin is thinner here than on other parts of your body. Since your design will be small, so it will be usually done pretty quick. So, you have to endure pain only for a very less time.

You may know that there are so many types of crosses are available that you can use for your wrist cross tattoos, of course that would also represent your culture. perhaps, this is the main reason behind the availability of different shapes and meanings attached with crosses. The different cross includes Latin cross, Greek cross, Southern Cross, Maltese or Celtic Cross and Irish Cross. Therefore, if you have decided to get a cross tattoo on wrist , then you can easily pick your tattoo.

Let's see on this guy having a lovely cross tattoo on his wrist. Wrist is actually a perfect place for getting tattoo designs in small format. We think you can't find a better religious icon or symbol for representing your religious believes than the Cross on your wrist.

Wrist Cross Tattoos

Wrist cross tattoos can give you stylish look.

So, girls you're thinking about getting a cross tattoo on wrist. Let's see here we are discussing how to choose the best wrist cross tattoo design for you. It is always good idea to firmly believe in the significance behind cross wrist tattoos. And it's clear that you are trying to express religious riots by placing cross on your wrist.

Although some guys and girls choose wrist cross tattoos in order to make their wrist beautiful. If you are also one of them it is not bad. We always say tattoo 'A mark of Beauty'. It is necessary to maintain your tattoo design cute and feminine. And you can do it by choosing a small and simple cross tattoo design.

As far as color of the design is concerned you must choose black color for your cross wrist tattoo. We think on wrists, there is no need to play with different colors as black or navy blue color will give the most elegant look to your wrist cross tattoo. But if you want color then not a problem, you can get a cross with colorful wires.

Now you have to decide size of designs. We suggest small size of tattoo for your wrist. But if you want a large design, then take your design from your forearm and down it to wrist. Because you can get a large cross only on your wrist. In order to create unique design for you, either you can include different flowers or you can get cross with wires. You just need to make sure you choose a design that speaks of your spirituality or personality.

You may also get Celtic of gothic cross in order to give it a more delicate look and feel. You can also get some names or words with it. You can express your different types of emotion as well as beliefs by getting cross on your wrist. From showing your Christianity to remembering a loved one. If your design will be according to your personality then final piece will be mind blowing as well as you will not reject it in near future.

Cross Tattoos on Wrist

Cross Tattoos for Wrist

Wrist Cross Tattoo

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