Wrap Around Tattoos

by Sam Red

Feminine Wrap Around Tattoos

Feminine Wrap Around Tattoos

Hi! guys and girls my name is Sam Red and i am from Florida. I have great feminine wrap around tattoos. I always wanted something simple and elegant that complimented my body.

And the way it was shaped, I also have a fascination with the hibiscus flower, which means delicate beauty. My artist captured that and turned my body into a beautiful art. He used my body as a canvas in a great way, and did a good artwork.

From : Owais
(President of Tattoos-Beauty.com)

I think wrap around tattoos are awesome ways to ornament your tattooing body part. You can choose a long and flowing design that can reach around your whole back. I liked your wrap around tattoos.

For those, who want to get a small size tattoo, wrap tattoo is not a good idea. It's a great idea for large canvas of the body such as upper back, lower back, chest and rib areas. You did not upload your tattoo picture, that's why here we are uploading one example of this kind of tattoo designs. As you can view this beautiful girl have a sexy large wrap around tattoos inked on her upper back.

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