Women Chest Tattoos

Are you thinking about getting women chest tattoos? Search out the most excellent women chest tattoo designs. No doubt, women tattoos on chest have become extremely popular as chest is the most sought area for women to get tattoos.

Though women tattoos were not socially acceptable few years back, but now time has twisted, women also do get ink. And no doubt most popular of them are chest tattoos for women.

When it comes to women chest tattoos, then it means tattoo on below neck and upper breast area. It offers a great flat canvas for tattoos and is see by all types of different women and personalities.

There are so many reasons why women are professing to go with chest or upper breast tattoos. First one as you already know of chest tattoos is how easily they are covered. There are some strict work environments where you would like to keep your tattoo hidden. And this kind of tattoo is easy to hide just by putting a regular garments such as shirt you can cover your entire tattoo. But it is also very easy to showcase whenever you want at pool party of beach side. Though, women chest do not offer a very large canvas just like men for intricate and large designs but it has enough space that tend to be more complex and highly exemplify tattoo designs.

Chest locations of women are near the breast and is considered intimate and sensual, which is another reason behind popularity of these tattoos. There are massive selection of women chest tattoos out there which could perfectly complement your chests and you can easily feel overwhelmed. Ladies, tattoo concepts such as flowers, fairies, hearts, butterflies, feminine symbols, nature, cute animals are normally chosen by women for their women tattoos for chest. And they can be very attractive for your partner as well.

However, ladies let's see this beautiful girl is having two sugar skulls inked on her upper chest area in below tattoo picture. We think women chest tattoos, if done in right way can add a large amount of curiosity to your character.

Women Chest Tattoos

Be carefull that your women chest tattoos are done in right ways.

So, ladies you're thinking about getting chest tattoos for women. Let's see here we are discussing how to choose the best women chest tattoo design for you. We would like to tell you that as an added benefit of this design, you can easily create and personalize your own tattoo for your chest.

Although some ladies choose women chest tattoos in order to highlight this sensible and beautiful part of their bodies. If you think alike, then it is not bad. We always say tattoo 'A mark of Beauty'. It is necessary to maintain your tattoo design cute and feminine. And you do it by choosing something soft and classically girly.

Now, you have to decide size of your tattoo and you should consider it carefully. Though, we would like to suggest large size for your chest piece. But you must choose size of your tattoo according to your lifestyle. If you need to cover up your tattoo then you might want to look at a smaller design done a bit lower down the chest. Because large designs can't be covered with your formal dress at stick work environment.

A few ladies know that getting tattoo on chest can be quite painful. As they think that chest tattoos means only tattoos on area below neck including breast region in women. If you are going to get chest tattoos then it means you are going to get tattoo over a few ribs and bony area also, the pain during the tattoo process could be more intense because there is less flesh to cushion the penetrating needle.

We think normally large rectangular shapes with a slight concave of v shape to them work best on women chest. You can get floral design on your chest, which are intended to signify either beauty. Or you can get classical shape of stars which represent reaching for your goals and achieving all your aspirations. There are so many other women's tattoo ideas for chest are heart, angel wings, butterfly wings, fairy wings, and traditional bird wings. And they are popular also.

We think you must give priority to feminine symbols, colorful flowers, hearts, butterflies and stars for women tattoos on chest. Because maximum ladies love beautiful and colorful things that can help enhance their beauty. However, classic themes such as swallows and a banner as well old school themes can easily be restyled with new ink colors. As far as color of the design is concerned you can choose multi color for your tattoo as women chest tattoos are known for use of great solid colors.

So, we can say there are a unlimited ways to make your women chest tattoos inventive and unique. There are tons of new bold design styles and ideas out there for chest tattoos for women. But be remembered it is best not to rush the process. Instead find designs and ideas according to your personality.

Women Tattoos on Chest

Women Chest Tattoo

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