Wild Flower Tattoo

by Emmie
(London )

Wild Flower Tattoo

Wild Flower Tattoo

This is Emmie from London. I just have wild flower tattoo inked on my left forearm. This is a tattoo of dog roses, a wild flower tattoo. This rose grows in Britain.

I love this artwork done by a talented artist. I think he infused elegant colors in my tattoo. I believe most of you will agree with me. I didn't get any meaning behind my tattoo, i just liked this wild flower due to its significance and colorful appearance.

From : Owais
(President of Tattoos-Beauty.com)

Thank you very much Emmie for sharing your beautiful wild flower tattoo pictures with us. I think many visitors of our site also will thank to you for sharing this beautiful picture. Obviously, dog roses have an importance in nature. Their rose hips are known very tasty, and many birds eat them. This dog rose flower is considered parent of white rose. Which is a very popular rose today and well known for decorating home gardens. I also like colors of your tattoo.

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