Upper Arm Tattoos

Have you decided to get upper arm tattoos as your first ink? Let's see we are presenting the best upper arm tattoo designs. We are seeing that by far, most individuals choose upper arm star tattoos, upper arm tribal tattoos and upper arm cross tattoos as their first visible tattoo designs.

Tattoos on upper arm have quite a tradition in the Western part of the world. Interestingly, some people believe that it was actually Popeye the Sailor Man who spearheaded the craze.

Any way now a days it's clear that these tattoos have become so popular that people from all over the world, when they initially think of inking their bodies then they choose their upper arms for tattooing.

There are so many reason why guys are going so crazy for upper arm tattoos. As we said so many times, it is not relatively as painful as other areas of the body because of the amount of muscle present in this area. Our upper arms have enough tissues to padding the skin during the tattooing process.

And the second one benefit of this kind of design is that as you already know they are highly visible and at the same time being totally concealable. As tattoos are not allowed in strict work environments. So you can hide them easily with just a mid-sleeve shirt you also don't even need full sleeve shirt. But if you want to show off your tattoo then it would not look like that you want to expose your tattoo.

Let's see on this girl having tattoo on her upper arm. Although quite a lot of women love them, but men are undoubtedly the biggest fans of tattoos on upper arm.

Upper Arm Tattoos

Upper arm tattoos are most sporting designs today by men.

We think they are really cool. It is something always exposed and there is no need to wear something special just to show the world about what you have inked on your body. We also see that some girls find it sexy and it adds up to a man's appeal, just like a woman's tattoo on her lower back.

So, guys if you've decided about getting a tattoo design on your upper arm. Let's see here we are discussing how to choose the best upper arm tattoo design for you. Upper arm tattoos can generally be very large and bold. So, first of all you have decide size of your tattoo design.

We would like to give some suggestion for your tattoo design. It must not be very large because you should also in mind that one's arms will likely get smaller or larger as they age and that this may affect the aesthetics of the tattoo.

As far as design is concerned we always suggest old school designs that are often linked with sailors are on a comeback. You can also consider about nautical stars and anchors. It is the upper arm or the bicep not lower arm that gets most of the attention since this is a great location for those that want to wear short sleeves and still not advertise their tattoo inked up skin.

Basically upper arm tattoos can come in armbands or full arm wraps. If you go with a more traditional tribal design there will be much more swirls than those of the modern Celtic tribal designs. The best tribal designs to draw inspiration from are from the Maori and the Samoa tribes. Anyway you must search and spend time on choosing a design for your upper arm tattoo. Be remember your tattoo will reflect your personality and it will be with you forever.

Upper Arm Star Tattoos

Upper Arm Star Tattoos

Tattoos on Upper Arm

Upper Arm Tribal Tattoos

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