Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Did you ever think about inking hot tribal dragon tattoos? Let's see we are talking about the hottest tribal dragon tattoo designs. For many years we have seen a lot of guys choose dragon tribal tattoos for their ink.

They are going passionate about them. We think dramatically use of dragon in black bold lines make them perfect design for guys muscles.

Some people get dragon tribal tattoos to follow their tradition, others get these tattoos simply because they love them. There are many different designs and as you can expect, all of them are unique in their own way.

Dragon tattoos can represent two different meanings depending on how they are portrayed. In the West, they are regarded as an evil and mean winged creature who breathes fire and guards caves with gold and jewels. Those who want to get these treasures have to slay the dragon first. In this case, dragon tattoos can mean fearless, power, courage and strong will.

Let's see on this guy wearing nice tribal dragon tattoo on his back. As males consider the guardian of family so they wear dragon in order to express their power, strength and protects against enemy.

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Any kind of dragon can be taken for tribal dragon tattoos.

So, you're thinking about getting a tattoo of tribal dragon. Let's see here we are discussing how to choose the best tribal dragon tattoo design for you. It's a good idea to take these meanings into consideration. Whether you see yourself as being kindhearted and a protector, as wise and powerful or a little more on the evil side, there are tribal dragons tattoos ideas and meanings for everyone.

common dragon tribal tattoos are of the eastern, the western and the imperial dragons. eastern dragon has nicest meaning, they represent kindheartedness, good fortune and they are believed to be a protector.

While western dragon has quite the opposite meaning, being seen as an evil, greedy, fire breathing creature. Neither the western nor the eastern dragon have wings, the only one believed to have had wings is the imperial dragon or lung.

Imperial dragon has quite unique meaning, it believed to have unrivaled wisdom and power which has made it the primary of the four benevolent spiritual animals in Chinese culture. So you have to consider meaning of your favorite tribal dragons tattoo design, Be remember you are going to mark your skin forever. so tattoo design should match your passion, personality as well as your emotion.

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

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