Hot News and Interviews of Tattoo Artists and Beauty Expert

So.. That's why we decided to take interview of some great tattoo artist and beauticians so that you don't need to go anywhere in order to get new ideas, precautions and tips on tattoo and beauty. because it's the question of your beauty and skin where 99% people don't compromise.

Latest News on Tattoo and Beauty Care

Women with more even and radiant skin are more beautiful
A new research says beauty is officially skin deep, according to scientists, women with a more even and radiant skin tone are the ones people find beautiful, suggesting that an even skin tone is more important than symmetry of a face.

Women Use Over 500 Chemicals on Daily Basis On Their Skin And Body
Modern Women Apply Over 500 Chemicals Daily On Their Face And Body In The Form Of Various Beauty Products Every Day To Look Beautiful.

Interviews of Tattoo Artist and Beauticians

Don't Take Drink Before Tattoo
Guys and Girls never take alcohol before going tattoo studio in order to draw tattoo on your skin. it can harm your skin and you skin could get allergy.


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