Star Hand Tattoos

Are you thinking about getting star hand tattoos? Read on to get interesting facts about the best star hand tattoo designs. No denying that star tattoos for hand are coming back in fashion again and again.

Here, you will see we have investigated deeply about different star hand tattoo designs. No denying that star tattoos for hand are coming back in fashion again and again.

It is very simple to understand why this kind of tattoo design is becoming very popular amongst both guys and girls. First one as hand is a very obvious part of our body and you can easily showcase your star tattoo anywhere.

We think a star tattoo on hand usually makes a very public statement about his or her personality. Which is another important reason behind the popularity of these star tattoos. And another reason behind their popularity is its smaller canvas. As our hand has less canvas. So, small sized tattoo suit this area, making them cheaper. And this design rarely gets in the way of your profession or family life because they are acceptable designs.

Though getting star tattoo on hand is quite painful. When you will get any type of tattoo on your hand then it is clear that you are going to endure some pain since our skin is very close to the bone on this area of our body and the hand tissues are not very dense. So you should be brave enough in order to bear the pain for a few hours time. However, as star is a simple image as well your design will be small, so it will be usually done pretty quick. So, you have to endure pain only for a very less time.

Perhaps, you may know that sailors were the first one to get star hand tattoos in the past. They used to get their hand tattooed by this popular symbol in an attempt to please the lady luck and to have a smooth sailing not only in the sea but also in life. But beyond that, many soldiers get nautical star tattoos as a symbol of protection and security. Normally getting star tattoo on wrist symbolizes energy, inspiration, light and expectation.

However, guys and girls let's see this beautiful star hand tattoos picture. This guy is having a group of very small black stars on his top of the hand. You can notice that he has so many designs on his hand area. We think your star tattoo on hand will be more in sight than the average tattoo on an upper arm or upper back.

Star Hand Tattoos

Mostly star hand tattoos are worn as feminine symbolic.

So, girls you're thinking about getting tattoos of star hand. Let's see here we are discussing how to choose the best star hand tattoo design for you. We would like to tell you that the star is not only a classic shape but it can carry deep, symbolic and long lasting meaning to you.

Although some girls choose star hand tattoos in order to make their hand cute and beautiful. If you are also that kind of girl it is not bad. We always say tattoo 'A mark of Beauty'. It is necessary to maintain your tattoo design cute and feminine. And you can do it by choosing a small and simple star tattoo design.

You have so many options available for tattooing stars on your hand such as nautical stars, tribal stars, four pointed star the most popular shooting stars. You can get star on the corner of your wrist. You can get something like nautical star. It will be a symbol of guidance and helping keep a person on track. So design will full of symbolism can be a great choice for hand.

We would also like to tell you that in the past before 1960s, star tattoos on hand were considered to be a sign of homosexuality. They were a way of expressing someone was gay or lesbian. But nowadays time has changed, there is no relation anymore of being gay or lesbian. We just wanted you to get aware of this star hand tattoos history.

As far as color of the design is concerned you must choose black color for your hand star tattoo. We think on hand area, there is no need to play with different colors as black or navy blue color can give the most elegant look to your tattoo. Though, you can get it in dark or light shades of black.

So, we can say star wrist tattoo can be your significant expression or may be your fashion statement. And Britney Spears also got a small star at the back of her hand. However, star design you pick for your hand is a decision you must not take lightly. If you choose design seriously then you won't never refuse your tattoo in coming time.

Star Tattoos on Hand

Star Hand Tattoo

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