Shoulder Tattoos

Are you really passionate with shoulder tattoos? Let's see we can help you pick your fantastic shoulder tattoo ideas. In one way or other, we think tattoos on shoulder are the ideal choice if you want to have some tattoos art on your body.

It is a clear fact that most of the people prefer to put their tattoos on obvious parts of the body rather than other parts where someone hardly can see.

We think when it comes to the most obvious parts for tattooing then shoulder is very popular aside arms. As you already know that shoulder tattoos are not gender specific and ball & socket joint area provides a curve that can be used to depict a floral design very suitably for girls.

You can get them freely and suitably whether you are a guy or a girl. We think shoulder is the most appropriate place for a tattoo because you don't need to stay topless in order to reveal your tattoo and express your personality by your tattoo design. At the same time they can be easily concealed. Girls! you can reveal your tattoo on shoulder when wearing a dress, halter necks etc., while men! you can also reveal your design when on the beach with a bare chest or trouble-free tube top.

Girls usually choose more feminine and symbolic designs for shoulder tattoos than the ones men usually get. Fairies, zodiac signs, butterflies, dolphins, and small tribal designs are all popular shoulder tattoo designs for girls. For guys, particularly guys with a muscular body, dark and large tattoos on the shoulder are popular. Dragon and tribal designs fit this description well and are very popular with guys. Let's explore a vast selection of the sexiest shoulder tattoos in below video. Certainly, you will get an idea what kind of ink guys and girls are getting on their shoulders.

Let's see on this macho man having beautiful tribal design on his shoulder to forearm. Basically there are two types of shoulder tattoos, which really makes the possibilities for tattoos on shoulder endless. Front of the shoulder, and on the shoulder blade are two types for shoulder designs. We see that shoulder blade is much more popular for young girls and women, while men and young guys prefer getting one on the front of the shoulder and down the arm.

Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos were considered masculine tattoos, but not now.

That's why we can say they are very flexible kind of tattoo designs. As we said earlier these designs are not gender sensitive. But common design patterns for both the sexes vary drastically, particularly for this area.

While considering the history of shoulder tattoo designs. We came to realize that in past times a this design was considered a masculine tattoo and generally only men used to wear a tattoo on the shoulder.

Basically for men they have been use throughout the centuries as a symbol of strength, win, agility and braveness. The tribal shoulder tattoos symbolize the tribal cultures of different parts of the world but now they stand for more symbolic tattoos than the regular ones. If we see in history then we realize that the Pacific and African colonies discovered shoulder tattoos as a process of knowing a persons tribe and status inside a tribe.

Shoulder Tattoos

They were also used to celebrate war time endeavors. There is even some theory that shoulder tattoos should characterize whatever the owner wants to exhibit throughout life, be it a relationship, their faith, or especially a favorite hobby.

Let's see on this shoulder tattoo design picture. You can see a cute girl having a beautiful quote in black color inked on her shoulder. Here, it's clear that guys only don't deserve shoulder tattoos, girls also do. There are thousands of feminine designs for shoulder found in the today tattoo world. Getting tattoos on shoulder is not very easy, this design require more attention and care. The shoulder is a high movement area, meaning you will have to take special care not to irritate or rub the raw area while your tattoo is healing.

This type of tattoo can also be painful, both in healing and in the process of getting it, as there is limited muscle, tattooing on bone hurts a little more than on muscle or fat. However, you can use any design of tattoo on your shoulder as long as you know its meaning and it has significance in you. This place provide you a wide and flat area enough to hold an image of a person's face and it is also seen as a good spot for memorial tattoos. Normally as we said earlier, aside from the arm your shoulder is also the most exposed part of your body especially for men who like to wear undershirt. In this sense, it is just right that you make the right decision in picking the appropriate design of shoulder tattoos.

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