Shooting Star Tattoos

Are you considering about inking lovely shooting star tattoos? Find out and get great shooting star tattoo designs with us. Now a days we are seeing that shooting stars tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos which are specially popular amongst girls.

Though guys also like this but think girls and women specially those who have that inner desire to be famous like this design as their tattoo a lot. Apart from this shooting star designs symbolize a personal moment that may have been so brief but very full of impact and importance.

As you know a girl always remember her happiest moment or turning point in her life. So, by inking shooting star you can express your wishes, important moment and destiny what you want to reach in your life.

In past shooting star was considered as a symbol of new birth or big change. As you probably have heard this statement, 'Everything you want will be granted if you wish upon a shooting star'. So, by inking this design you can convey your wishes or turning point in a nice way.

In comparison with other tattoos, we realized shooting star designs are suitable in any part of our body such as arms, abdomen, foot, ankle, lower back, neck and navel. And good thing with these designs is that if you are going to get this design as a tattoo then you will so many varieties and placement on your body.

Let's see on this girl having sexy shooting stars on her upper breast and neck area. We think it's the beauty of this design that it enhances the sensuality of a person and makes you look gorgeous. you can easily customize it in your favor and you can create a unique tattoo design that has personal moment or meaning to you. It looks beautiful and sexy also.

Shooting Star Tattoos

Shooting star tattoos are made for those winners.

So, when we will go deeply about the design of 'Shooting Star Tattoos'. We will find that if you are a girl you must consider this as a beauty mark. You can enhance sensuality of your body just by inking tattoos of shooting stars on your lower back, neck, foot, ankle etc.

Here you need to make sure your design is unique. We know you don't want to be a part of parade of feet with the same tattoo.

You would not find a unique design if you go into a tattoo parlor looking for shooting stars tattoo designs. You should only use the artist's books in order to see the type of work that he or she has done. Obviously if it's in the book then it's on someone's body. It's best to combine two or more designs and choose your own color for tattooing shooting star on your body.

Obviously you have decided shooting star as your tattoo design because you want to express your important moment or big change in your life as well as you want to enhance the look of body. we advice you not to play with different colors while choosing shooting star.

That's why we think you must not choose different colors for your tattoo because if you will choose multi-color then it will lost its descent appearance. You must concentrate on the shape of your design. You must spend time on choosing shape according to the body part of your body. For instance, if you going to ink your lower back so you must choose curvy shape of shooting star that can show your lower back curves to opposite sex.

The typical appearance of shooting star tattoo designs is a large star that has the point of focus and then other small stars that continue to decrease in size as they gradually move away from the large star in a trail surround this large star. Normally people choose black ink for this kind of design but we always recommend bright, varied colors. But remember choose only one or two colors never choose more than two colors.

So, there is no doubt shooting star tattoos can be placed on different parts of your body. Choose the best design that you are 100% satisfy. You must listen voice of your heart when you are choosing your design. Don't copy other people tattoo designs.

Shooting Star Tattoos

Shooting Star Tattoo

Shooting Star Tattoo on Arm

Shooting Star Tattoos

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