Rose Wrist Tattoo

by Natasha Taylor

Rose Wrist Tattoo

Rose Wrist Tattoo

Hi! my name is Natasha Taylor. Here I would like to ask some great ideas for my next rose wrist tattoos from you guys. I came to know about your site through my cousin friend.

Please tell me everything about an wrist rose tattoo. How much pain will i have to endure while getting a rose on my wrist. As well as tell me which color and shape of rose will be best for my wrist. Here I am uploading a picture of wrist tattoo. It will give you an idea what kind of rose I want in my rose wrist tattoo.

From : Owais
(President of

Thanks a lot Natasha for asking your wrist rose tattoo idea from us. We think rose is the most lovable flower because of its timeless beauty and meaning. It is really a great idea to start your tattoo body art with a small rose tattoo on your ankle, wrist or foot. But we would like to tell you that Getting tattoos on wrist is not an easy work.

You may be familiar with that when you go to get inked your wrist, then you will expected bear some form of pain, above all on the inner wrist. Since the skin is more skeletal here than on other parts of your body. But Natasha, since your rose wrist tattoo will be small. So, you have to bear pain only for a small amount of minutes. You don't need to choose a large design for your wrist just like in above image. You can explore beauty of rose tattoo in small size also.

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