Predator Tattoo

by Alan
(Sutton-in-ashfield, Notts , United Kingdom)

Predator Tattoo

Predator Tattoo

Hello! everyone my name is Alan and i am an artist in Notts, UK. This predator tattoo is just something i did on my good friend tony. It's a predator hybrid skull tattoo.

I did this tattoo on his upper arm. He has very low pain tolerance. That's why i limited the size of tattoo. Above all, everyone is loving this artwork. So guys tell me your opinions.

From : Owais
(President of

Great Alan! I like your Predator Tattoo artwork a lot. It's an example of good artwork. I think hybrid skull is a good symbol of predator but it has some greater significance than being simply a predator.

We think Alan, you could have done it in a better way. You choose a dull color for skull. If you have chosen some bright colors for this tattoo, then this predator tattoo would have got a brighter look. Usually small sized tattoos don't look good on upper arm areas of guys. Since this area get a large canvas. So you should have done a large design here. Though, this artwork justifies to be believed fine.

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