Pink Bow Tattoo

I got my pink bow tattoo on my neck in lovely colour pink. I got this tattoo for my 18th birthday and I still love it and I am sure that I will love it for my whole life:) You can prettiness of my pink bow tattoo in this picture.

Although the colour in this picture is not good quality, in actuality it's a lot deeper pink :) This picture was taken by one of my friend. She did not take a good picture with the camera. As I can not take picture of my tattoo own, since it's on my back of neck.

My pick bow tattoo just sucks sometimes that I cant see it in the mirror! as you can see I got in on my nape area of neck. But it's absolutely sure that at least I will never get sick of it.

The best part of this kind of tattoo is that it did not hurt one bit to get either it was just a bit uncomfortable. Before getting tattoo I heard a lot about the pain level of getting tattoos on nape of neck. But now It has proved wrong. One point I would also like to tell you that it was my FIRST tattoo. And I love very much my nape tattoo. I always showcase and share my tattoo with others. Here also I am sharing my bow tattoo with you guys.

Pink Bow Tattoo

Pink Bow Tattoo by Emily

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In the recent times pink bow tattoos have become some of the well-liked feminine tattoo designs. Girls are going passionate about them. They choose design, color and size of bow tattoos according to the symbolism they want to represent. Location is also an another important factor affecting the symbolism of this kind of tattoos.

As everyone knows bows always have been used in different cultures in many approaches to visually communicate a specific connotation. In the past a bow is used to be formed by using a cloth or string and cloth knotted in a way that has bowed parts on both sides with two baggy split ends. Ancient women used to wear bows in their hair as a means of ornament and binding their hair.

After seeing your lovely tattoo Emily, we can state clearly that beauty and symbolism of your tattoo is found in location of your tattoo. As you got your tattoo on back of neck and even you can't see this. This really indicates that you are celebrating your 18th birthday with your pink bow tattoo. Since bow usually represents an achievement in life.

So girls and woman if you are also fascinated about getting these lovely tattoos then you must have a glance at different sorts of pink bow tattoos, you will obviously understand that these tattoos are best fitted on areas like back of leg (Calf area), Forearm, back of neck and upper leg (Thigh) areas. Since these areas have enough width for having these tattoos.

As we have already mentioned that bow tattoos usually symbolize an accomplishment in life and how it could become untied all the way through inauspicious conditions and weakness. And pink bow ribbon is recognized to signify a fight against breast cancer. If you got a pink bow ribbon then sometimes it can be symbol of supporting your family members or friends in a overcoming breast cancer. But in your case you have different symbolism with your pink bow.

There are girls and women who have a preference to wish these designs because of their feminism representation. It's a great feminine symbol and sometimes bow tattoos are tattooed with female cartoon character in order to visually characterize that the character is feminine. An another popular design of pink bow tattoo is with skull. Folks do get skull with a pink bow pierced on top.

Pink Bows Tattoos

Pink Bow Tattoos

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