Music Star Tattoo

Just a plain music star tattoo, yup i have a plain music note with 3 stars as a tattoo. I have wanted this music star tattoo for a while so I am really pleased with this tattoo. It's true that if you get your dream tattoo inked on your tattoo, then you can be pleased with it forever.

Please check my tattoo picture below. You can see that the beauty of my tattoo is found in plainness. If anyone want a tattoo that he or she can live with pleasure forever, then it is not necessary to get a complex and tricky tattoo. Anyone can be pleased with a plain tattoo everlastingly.

VERY painful where I had it though! Ouchhhh. Yup as you can see I hat it on my left ribcage area. Numerous people state that inking any kind of tattoo on rib cage is one of the most throbbing areas ever on body. In point of two facts this exacting area is very painful. First one is the closeness of the bones to the skin surface, and the second one is comparatively lack of tissues on rib cage area.

Music Star Tattoo

Music Star Tattoo by Anonymous

From : Owais
(President of

Thanks plenty dear, for uploading this elegant tattoo picture. We have become a fan of your tattoo. You are absolutely right that beauty of tattoos can be found in plainness. Star with music note has been a great design of tattoo for people who love music. For people, who love music this kind of tattoo is a good choice.

Since they can express their two expressions with one tattoo. Firstly, they are showing their passionate love about music, secondly they are showing their bright future with stars. We know that the people who in actual fact love rock music, they are expected to get the nautical star tattoo on the right arm with the longest point in the direction of the wrist.

Chiefly rock-stars are fond of these kinds of tattoos. They express very evidently their love towards music. Music star tattoo can be done on the unexciting areas such as wrist, ankle, hip or forearm. Frequently these are done in black ink and small sizes. Large sizes are not favored by most of the people.

Some males get attracted to music star tattoos, yet they are likely to ink shooting star with music note. In some circumstances, they prefer to write a name is written in the central point of the star to clearly specify that the person is quite important to them.

Some youngster who are struggling for getting name and fame in music industry can get this kind of tattoo. They can also get name of his or her role model in the middle of star, whenever they will watch their tattoo, it will remind them about getting something out of life. Alternatively some prefer to write their own names in the middle of star. Music star tattoo with name itself can symbolize someone with tremendous popularity in his or her field that's why he or she can be called a "rock star".

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