Leg Butterfly Tattoos

Leg Butterfly Tattoos

Leg Butterfly Tattoos

Hi! everyone! I love leg butterfly tattoos. And I want 3 butterflies starting with one little pink maybe purple butterfly with the year my daughter was born (2010).

Just above my ankle i would like a medium size butterfly with blue orange red (2009) and then just below my knee i would like a bigger butterfly blue and black (2006) i would like something connecting them all together.

From : Owais
(President of Tattoos-Beauty.com)

Hello! Thanks for asking your tattoo design from us. I think leg butterfly tattoos are great feminine tattoos. They are the best designs for girls and women who work in professional environment because you can hide them easily.

It's great you want to personalize your tattoo. You want born year of your daughter with your butterfly. As well you want to connect them all with something. We think swirls are the most excellence designs for connecting different designs. As in here uploaded picture. She also get her butterflies connected with swirls.
Anyway we can create your matchless foot and leg butterfly tattoo according to your requirements. Please click here to situate your order now.

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