Koi Dragon Tattoos

Do you want to investigate about beautiful koi dragon tattoos? Let's see we are discussing about the best kind of koi dragon tattoo designs. We think dragon koi tattoos can be great choices for guys and girls who love colorful and sexy tattoos.

These designs are becoming as popular these days as the animal they represent. Guys and girls prefer to have a koi with a dragon.

As you may know koi is also known as "dragon fish" king of all fish in Japan and China. We think descent design of a koi dragon tattoo can catch the attention of people toward your tattoo.

We have seen number of people having this design and for some of them this tattoo design has masculine representation with its ability to overcome times of life. These kind of tattoos come in different designs and shapes. As you may know that koi dragon designs belong to Chinese and Japanese cultures. But it we go deeply about the history of koi dragon then we come to know that they are originated and bred in China but the Japanese made it a household name.

We would like to tell you all a myth about koi dragon. And that's according to Japanese and Chinese tradition there is koi dragon started out as a koi fish and then transform into dragon after successfully climbing the falls at a point called Yellow River which is also known as Dragon gate.

Anyway guys and girls let's see this beautiful koi dragon tattoos picture. These designs are mostly preferred by guys and girls with splashing water, fire in the mouth and some flowers also.

Koi Dragon Tattoos

Koi dragon tattoos are designs having deep symbolic.

So, at last you are definite that you will allow your tattooist to draw a tattoo of koi dragon. We think before doing that you need to pick a great design consciously. You also need to consider a little about symbolism attached to these koi dragons.

As we told you earlier a myth about koi dragon that's why it is also a sign of courage and perseverance. In both Japan and China these are seen as masculine qualities. A young man like to get a koi dragon tattoo as a sign of his strength of masculinity. It also represents fearlessness and braveness as it journeys through the ocean.

Some young guys prefer to get a koi tattoo on their arm or leg and as they grows into a man, they get a dragon on his back as a symbol of transformation as when a koi transforms into this mystical creature. So you can also do that. It express your masculine quality in the best way.

Whether you can get a koi on your right arm and a dragon on your left or you can get them both together on your one arm. There are a lot of ways available for you to make your design descent. These designs are very popular because of their colorful appearance. So you can go with multiple colors in order to enhance look of your design.

However, for the reasons of larger size and manifold colors this design can be costly to get inked. Therefore you have to consider a lot about various combinations of colors for your koi dragon tattoos. The more colors you add in your design the more costly it will be. But one thing we can promise that ending artwork on your skin will be gorgeous.

Japanese Koi Dragon Tattoo

Koi Dragon Tattoos

Koi Dragon Tattoo

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