Koi Carp Tattoos

Do you want to ink koi carp tattoos? Let's check we are offering the best koi carp tattoo designs. We think carp tattoos can be great choices for guys and girls who love Japanese tattoo body art.

As you may know koi is an English word for word "carp" in Japanese. Now it's clear to you "koi fish" and "carp" are same. These designs are becoming as popular these days as the animal they represent in western part of the world.

We think beautiful design of a carp tattoo can catch the attention of people toward your tattoo. We have seen number of people having this design and for some of them this tattoo design has masculine representation with its ability to overcome times of life. These kind of tattoos come in different designs and shapes according to the part of body.

According to Japanese myth Carp can glide among the still waters of ornamental ponds for more than two thousand years. They are known as brightly colored fish swimming in public ponds to us. The carp as a sign represents perseverance in the difficult times and strength of character or purpose.

We would like to tell you all a myth about a carp. And that's according to Japanese and Chinese tradition there is carp started out as a fish and then transform into dragon after successfully climbing the falls at a point called Yellow River which is also known as Dragon gate. Carps are able to transform just through their efforts into dragons.

Anyway guys and girls let's see this beautiful koi carp tattoos picture. These designs are mostly preferred by guys because carp is also a symbol of masculinity and strength. We think these positive meanings that are associated to this fish are the main reason behind their popularity.

Koi Carp Tattoos

Koi carp tattoos are very popular because of their colorful appearance.

At last decided to get inked a koi carp tattoo design. At this instant we will talk about how to opt the unsurpassed design for you. It's a fine suggestion from us to take their meanings into consideration. If you want to express ability to overcome times of life then this tattoo is for you.

As we told you earlier a myth about a carp that's why it is also a sign of courage and perseverance. In both Japan and China these are seen as masculine qualities. A young man prefer to get a carp tattoo as a sign of his strength of masculinity. The Carp can also represents wisdom, longevity, and loyalty as it journeys through the ocean.

Now you have to think about placing your design. A number of people choose to tattoo the carp as a full back tattoo, or as a major part of a sleeve. You can also do same, these designs look mind blowing in large designs. Though you can also place this tattoo design on smaller parts of your body.

Now let's come to last stage creating your design. There are a lot of ways available for you to make your design personal. You just need to pick a carp design and personalize this design by coloring with your favorite colors. These designs are very popular because of their colorful appearance. So you can go wild, with multiple colors in order to enhance look of your design.

But because of size and multiple colors this design can be pretty expensive to get one. That's why you should think well about what design you choose when it comes to colors. The more colors you use the more expensive it will be. But one thing we can guarantee that your design will be attractive and beautiful. Anyway you should spend some time on deciding your final design because as we said so many times you must consider your tattoo a permanent ink.

Koi Carp Tattoo

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