Japanese Ghost Tattoo

This is Japanese ghost tattoo in really old japanese style. Japanese tattooing has a huge influence on my japanese ghost tattoo design. In reality today's tattoo world is a mixture of the old western style and Japanese tattoo styles.

My tattoo can be named creepy menstruating ghost tattoo. Since the japanese were really afraid of menstruating women and ghosts. They made some woodprints in the 18 century.... it was NOT my sick idea...hahaha

Here i am talking about superb and thrilling art of the eighteenth and nineteenth century done by japanese on woodblock prints. Actually Japanese prints are loaded with human sentiments. They used to express all human sentiments with this art. After seeing some pictures of thier arworks, you can easily understand that Japanese were captivated with ghosts, demons and spirits.

Japanese Ghost Tattoo

Japanese Ghost Tattoo by Mark

Their art is almost certainly the most respected all over the world. Today japanese people those on the lookout for adding just a little color and culture to their houses use these woodprints. People who don't belong to japanese history and culture are also using these prints in order to decorate their houses. They just value as traditional style and classic loom to these woodprints.

However, the artist (Pogo) took some elements from old japanese woodprints for designing my tattoo design. So the kimono is from a kuniyoshi woodprint of a yu-rei-japanese ghost and the vagina from a shunga woodprint. Kuniyoshi is listed amongst the most valued japanese artists and he was captivated by pictures of warriors and kabuki actors. At his early age he turned into a member of the victorious Utagawa school and was one of the many brilliant students.

His designs also had an important influence on the fashion of tattoos artwork in Japan. On the other side shunga woodprints stress on the appearance of excitement, lust and love screening sex on a intentional basis by both men and women. For many people shunga image can have a confrontational effect on their mind.

Traditionally the ghost women appearing with blue or violet flames, so i choosed ochre and mustard coloring for the kimona as a contrast.....enjoy- I invested a lot of time on choosing color combination for japanese ghost tattoo design together with my artist. the artist and me had more fun than a bag of poodles and a chainsaw to do this piece! :D

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