Hip Tattoos

Have you chosen hip tattoos as your next tattoo piece? Let's see we are mentioning the best hip tattoo ideas. When it comes to newest and most sexy areas for tattoo designs then guys and girls look for getting tattoos on hip.

You can place your tattoo on the most obvious part of your body where anyone can see easily. But when it comes to the pretty obvious parts for tattooing then no doubt hip tattoos are very popular.

As you already know that hip are is where the leg bone connects to the rest of the body in what is called a ball and socket joint. There are so many reasons why a large number of guys and girls are preferring to locate their tattoos on their hips.

First reason as we think tattoos located on hip area can be concealed and just as easily shown to a special few. You can reveal your hip tattoos just by wearing clothes which reveal this part of the body such as bikini and low cut pants. As well you can easily hide your tattoo with a pant or jeans under strict work environments. Hip is considered a very sexy area on ladies. It is one of the places on a female body which are considered very sensual. Which is another important reason behind the popularity of these tattoos.

There are a wide-variety of fashionable and beautiful hip tattoo designs out there and you can find easily the right design that can define or express who you are in a nice way. We think tattoos on hip, with the right kind of designs, can come out pretty astounding to say the least since it can really highlight the natural curves of the body. Some popular tattoos for hip are feminine items such as flowers, roses, butterflies, and fairies. Some people prefer to go for more masculine symbols such as a skulls, tribal and Celtic. Other common designs for this area include more personal designs such as a lovers name or initials.

However, guys and girls! let's see this women's beautiful tattoo design on her hip. She got sexy and bold butterflies on her hip extended up to her upper back area. It is clear that hip is a relatively small area, so getting a tattoo here means that you'll either have to get a large tattoo that extends to other parts of body such as thigh, rib or upper back. These hip tattoos are very popular amongst girls, but some guys also get depending on the design they can look equally good on a guy.

Sexy Hip Tattoos

Floral hip tattoos are very attractive.

Tattoos here can mean many things to many people. It is a well know fact that hip tattoos hold a very significant historical meaning. Floral tattoos on the hip areas are very attractive and they usually portray a sense of femininity.

On the other hand inking a tribal design on your hip can be a symbol of respect and acknowledgment of native tribes. It can reinforce a positive feeling and connection to the ancient mystery of the tribal rituals, which faded away from us. Tattooing hips for spiritual and decorative purposes in Japan and other islands such as Polynesia and Tahiti as well as many areas of Europe is thought to extend back to at least the Paleolithic period.

In the past before 30 or 40 years ago, tattoos for hip were not very popular just because of pain factor. But body art is one of the most admired forms of art these days. That' why this trend is growing more in terms of popularity along with the evolution of the process of getting tattoos on hip.

Let's see on this tattoo design on the hip of a sexy girl. As you can see she got a tribal floral lines tattoo on her hip area. We think this show that these kind of designs are becoming very popular in western cultures also.

Hip Tattoos

Before you guys scuttle to your near by tattoo parlor in excitement for getting tattoo on your hip, make sure that you keep some positive and negative points in your mind related to hip tattoos.

Taking place ink on hip is not a straightforward work. We think many of you already know that when you take place ink on your hip, you also put up with some form of hurt because of the bony nature of the hip. There is not a lot of fat or muscles in this region, causing a lot of hurt from the needle pressing against the nerves and bone.

Tattoos that have need of a lot of black shading, for instance knotty tribal or Celtic knots, will also be a more hurting experience. Here we would also like to inform you an upbeat side, since hip doesn't get a large canvas so design will be not very large. Your design will be done hurriedly. So, you have to bear hurt only for a little time. You may also need to put up a longer healing process. Since it's very thorny to avoid this area from water, it's really difficult to cover this part of body while taking bath.

We would like to advise you to get the tattoo in no less than two sittings. Doing this consent to you to snooze with no suffering manually. As well as you must be dressed in movable clothing when it is healing to avoid any resistance that may delay the healing process.

Now let's converse about its encouraging aspect. Hip tattoos do not become paler with the time because they are not much exposed to sun. Hence, not compulsory more touch-up work to maintain its appearance. Since tattoos for hip are not very larger than other tattoo designs for lower back and rib, so the cost can be quite lower. You pay based on size and color and these tattoos are usually these designs are small if not extended to other areas of body.

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