Heart Wings Tattoos

Are you seeking for heart wings tattoos? Let's see we are explaining the best kind of heart wings tattoo designs. Amongst all types of wings tattoos we are seeing that heart tattoos with wings are becoming all time favorite body art amongst folks.

These designs have been around us for a long time and now a days a wide variety of combinations of heart styles and wing patterns are available.

Here choice can seem very hard, because there are so many options are available for heart and wings tattoos. There are so many heart designs available those are heavily influenced by the wings of butterflies, angels, fairies, dragonflies and some birds also.

But no doubt that wings of angels specially form a perfect design with heart. It's very common to see a tattoo with wings on the upper or lower back, with a heart in the middle. Normally Wings and heart separately have different meanings. The heart is a universal symbol for love while the wings signify freedom. But when you combine them together, then it can represent joyful, romantic and free spirit of your personality.

Let's prove how these designs can be the best choices for you. As you already know that wings are very important part of fairy, butterfly, angel and other birds tattoos. They have a long tradition of using in different kinds of art. In fact, you cannot find any fairy or angel without any pair of wings in them. In our views by inking wings with heart you just want to express your yearning for the heaven and at the same time it is a metaphor for protection and liberation.

Let's see this tattoo picture. A girl has a tattoo of beautiful pair of wings with heart in the middle on her upper back. You can also see some roses and green leaves. We think these kind of designs always capture the femininity & passion of women and you should go with heart wing tattoos.

Heart Wings Tattoos

Flaunt your feminine side by inking heart wings tattoos.

So, you are believing that heart wing tattoos are made for you. We yearn for making you clear you on one point that if you get a heart tattoo with wings on your lower back or upper back, followed by your tattooist can put together it large and detailed.

If you will see at gallery of heart wings tattoos then you will clearly recognize that these designs are made of lower or upper back. No denying, these designs are more popular amongst girls in compare to guys.

You have to decide size of your tattoo design. You can choose a large heart wings tattoo design that span on your lower back or upper back area. But if you want to get a smaller one, then you can get it done on the other parts of your body just like your upper arm, shoulder, foot, wrist or rib etc. As these designs can be extended easily, so choose your part of tattooing after that design can be chosen easily.

If you have a bad experience with love, then you can get a heart with one wing or a heart with a dagger in it. Some people love to write their lover's name in the heart with wing tattoo. If you also don't want to keep your affair private then you can also do same.

You can choose either wings of fairy, angel, butterfly or many any bird. But keep one thing in your mind meaning will be changed accordingly. You can also consider different combination of colors just like blue for the wings and red for the heart or any dark or light color for the wings and a shaded heart can also make a mind blowing design.

So, we can state confidently these designs not only look very beautiful but they can represent various sides of your personality whether it's your joyful or free spirit side or your romantic side.

Heart and Wings Tattoos

Heart Tattoos with Wings

Heart Wing Tattoos

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