Hawaiian Tattoos

Are you concerned about great Hawaiian tattoos? Find out the meanings of different kind of the best Hawaiian tattoo ideas. We all have seen tattoos of Hawaii inked on different people whether natives of the island or not.

They have always been extremely popular amongst natives of the island, and now a days we are seeing that rest of the world is also going crazy for them.

Hawaii is a part of the Polynesian islands just like Maori and Samoan. And it's known for its virgin beaches and exotic flowers. But as you may know that tattooing is one of the very important rituals in Hawaiian culture.

You will be amazed to know that Hawaiian still pray to a Hawaiian god each time a Hawaiian person in the village gets a Hawaiian tattoo. Anyway as far as tattoo designs are concerned actually traditional Hawaiian island tattoos were based around the Hawaiian culture. They are beautiful in their simple lines and curvilinear shapes just other Polynesian culture. But guys and girls we would also like to tell you that they were really painful. They were applied with a sharpened bone chisel and stick that is tapped into your skin until it bleeds.

But now time has changed. We are living in technology era luckily, we have an easier way of applying tattoos. Still painful, but not as much. Modern Hawaiian tattoos might cover large areas of the body and tattoo artist have mixed Hawaiian designs with the influence of European designs.

Let's see on this girl having a wonderful Hawaiian floral tattoo on her full back. You can see use of bold lines in a Hawaiian flower. We think it is the beauty of this kind of tattoo design. Today, the most popular Hawaiian designs are included Flowers, Sea Turtles, Abstract tribal and Dolphins etc.,

Beautiful Hawaiian Tattoos

Now you may ask us why hawaiian tattoos are so popular?

Most importantly they are popular amongst Hawaiian just because they want to follow their tradition as well as fashion or simply to look cool because they are just beautiful designs that can give a nice look to your body. Hawaiian flower tattoos are very popular with women who are looking for a very feminine tattoo. It can circle the ankle, or wrist.

The Hawaiian tattoo has a certain meaning or significance behind it, people just don't get them in order to follow fashion. They symbolize so many statement as a ritual. Such as most tattoos symbolize mourning for a loved one, if you have remembrance of a love one that has been lost the this tattoo is for you.

Some tattoos of Hawaiian symbolize talisman for protection and some are symbol of personal identifications. Till now some people get them in order to identify themselves as a part community or group.

As far as history is concerned though Hawaiian tattoo designs and body arts have a long history of more than a thousand years. But after 1990's when celebrities started bearing them, we saw some kind of madness amongst people about them. In the ancient times tattoos were also used to differentiate between the classes. The more standing you had in your village, the more tattooing you would wear.

Hawaiian Tattoos

Let's see this girl having a beautiful Hawaiian flower tattoo in mind blowing colors. Colors multiply this tattoo's beauty. There are so many other tattoos of Hawaii available for you in order to express your identity.

In the history people used to place Hawaiian tattoos on hands, feet, arms, ears and lips. Facial tattooing was a common tradition in Hawaii.

However, and it was not unusual to see a man or a woman with tattoos all over his or her face. But now a days It's rare to see a woman having a tattoo placed on her lips!

As you know beach is an important part of Hawaii and people visit them. So anyone who visit this island can not resist himself/herself from getting Hawaiian culture inked on their skin. There are number of Hawaiian designs such as palms trees, beautiful Hawaiian flora, waterfalls, wave themes available for you.

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