Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Have you picked lovely Hawaiian flower tattoos? Browse through our great Hawaiian flower tattoo designs gallery. We are seeing that a change is taking place in the tattoo world as the flower Hawaiian tattoo continues to increase in popularity.

This kind of tattoo design is less about tribal identification and more about personal expression. We can say it's personal kind of tattoo.

If you are going to choose a Hawaiian flower that you have to connect a personal meaning with it. Normally, it symbolize delicate beauty and happiness in a nice way. Though each Hawaiian tropical flower used for tattoo designs has a specific meaning behind it.

For example, the Plumeria, a fragrant bloom, symbolizes welcome, hospitality, warmth, and friendship. If you live in Hawaiian island or if you have visited there then definitely this meaning will come true in your mind. Generally people who are associated with Hawaiian choose Hawaiian flower as their tattoo design. But there is a long list of people who are not associated with Hawaiian but they choose this flower because of simply their beauty. So it's not necessary for you to be connected with Hawaii for tattooing Hawaiian flower on your skin.

Let's see on this girl having beautiful blue Hawaiian flower design on her right arm. We think Popular places for a flower Hawaiian tattoo include a single flower on the shoulder or hip, a lei around the arm or ankle, or a vine creeping up the side of one leg.

As you may know Hibiscus tattoo is perhaps the most popular flowers in the Hawaiian flower tattoos. Specially yellow is a state flower of Hawaii. And some people also know Hawaii flower as hibiscus flower. Orchid is another favorite Hawaiian flower design. The flowers being exotic and elegant is a symbol of love, beauty and perfection. And Plumeria is also another kind of Hawaiian flower tattoo.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Choose cautiously color of your hawaiian flower tattoos.

You are not doubtful that Hawaiian flower tattoos are for you. Now it's always important to familiarize yourself with the meanings they represent. This will help you a lot in finding a perfect design that will reflect your personality.

Basically Hibiscus flower symbolize delicate beauty, orchid is a symbol of love, beauty and perfection. It also stands for wealth and luxury. And as we told you earlier Plumeria is associated with warmth,hospitality and friendship. Its also a symbol of spring and associated with life and procreation.

Now you have to choose color of your Hawaiian flower design. So as you already know girls love pink, blue, red and yellow and good news is that you will find mostly Hawaiian flower designs in these colors. All these flowers will provide you a great deal of flexibility as they can be rendered on ink in variety of colors as well as different sizes.

Hibiscus Hawaiian flowers may range in color from pinks and purples to yellow, white, or even red. Plumeria and orchid Hawaiian flowers are also available in different colors. We highly recommend natural color of the flower. You must choose natural color of flower for inking.

Hawaiian flower tattoos are often designed with bold black lines. You can incorporate some tribal bold lines with Hawaiian. It's a great style. On the other side if you want a feminine look then you can choose a bunch of flowers or multi colors flower. It will give you a feminine look of design.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Flower Hawaiian Tattoo

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

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