Guys Tattoos

Guys are you looking for hot guys tattoos? If your answer is yes, then welcome to the best tattoo ideas for guys. Since ancient time guys always have been attracted to tattoos. But now a days they are looking for crazy guys tattoos.

If you are a guy and looking for some hot tattoos for guys then you are at right place. we think searching for tattoo picture do not work. Because if you copy that design then you are not going to love your tattoo forever.

You need to have unique tattoo design so that no one is wearing your tattoo type. Placement is also very important factor when you are going to have tattoo. Because as we said so many times you should think your tattoo as a permanent mark.

Although you can choose any tattoo removal technique but they are so costly and painful. so, spend time on choosing a placement for your tattoo and you should be 100% satisfy with your placement of tattoo.

Let's see on this large tribal tattoo inked on a guy's left upper arm. We think this is a perfect kind of tattoo if you have well toned muscle. Because it give you so many options you can ink this kind of tattoo on your upper arms, upper back, shoulder, chest and on your hand. You can also see a cross tattoo on his right arm also.

Guys Tattoos

Normally guys tattoos symbolize power and strength.

As you know normally guys tattoos symbolize power and strength. So, we recommend upper arm tattoo for you. you may ask us if we choose upper arm then it is very common and every one is wearing it. But we think It is something always exposed and there is no need to wear something special just to show your tattoo to the world. you can get something different look for your biceps by choosing a unique and descent tattoo design.

But we are not forcing you to have a tattoo on your upper arm. Final decision must be your. Because you must be happy with your tattoo. But keep one thing in your mind that your tattoo will symbolize your strength and power. So, you should choose a design that symbolize power and strength.

So, if you're thinking about getting a guys tattoos, and you have decided placement of your tattoo. Now, it's time to choose or create a unique tattoo design.

A number of guys ask one question to us by emailing. "How can I create a unique tattoo design?" Always we reply them include your passion and emotions in your tattoo design. Yes, you should also include your passion and emotions in your design. For, Example if you have passion about bikes then you can get a bike ink on your body.

But Probably you should not choose some tattoos for men those are mentioned below :--

Tattoos for Men

Butterfly and Fairy Believe it or not we fed up when we see some guys go for butterfly tattoos. It doesn't work guys. Butterfly is all about femininity. This should simply be reserved for the girls.

Feet tattoos Yes! Men, Tattoos on guys feet are not good guys. If we leave Feet tattoos work for girls having sexy and cute feet. Guys feet are ugly and should be covered up with socks and shoes, not with tattoo. There are so many other men tattoos ideas for you.

Excessive Tribal yes, if you choose a tribal black ink covering your whole back, leg or hand. we call them excessive tribal. You must avoid a large tribal because you will feel bored very soon.

lower back tattoo almost, every guy know tattooing lower back work only for girls. So, must avoid this.

Chain Link around the Biceps. You must avoid this design which was a popular tattoos for men, because it's old and every one is getting it.

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