Guys Chest Tattoos

Hi my name is Johnny. I would like to say few words about guys chest tattoos. I got one design of guys chest tattoos. It's a dragon design on my chest area.

It's really beautiful. I got it on my lower chest extended to my rib area. Now I am planning to get a writing tattoo on my upper chest area. While searching net, I got an idea of guys chest tattoos for my upper chest. Here I am uploading that picture.

It's a lovely design in V shape, best suitable for upper chest area. I want the words "Modesty, Strength, Hope" in the same way this guy having on his upper chest. I want to tattoo these three words which I want to live by, or brings meaning to my life.

by Johnny

Guys Chest Tattoos

Guys Chest Tattoos

From : Owais
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Thanks a lot Johnny, for writing to us and uploading this tattoo picture in our website. We observe that guys chest tattoos are some great designs for guys who really want to make a bold and strong statement with their tattoo artwork.

We appreciate your choice of tattooing. As you may know our chest is an area of the body that has large canvas to hold a number of lines that are meant mostly to be inspirational and motivational, which is an important reason behind the popularity of these tattoos. You can use our custom tattoos services for finding a great tattoo design.

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