Girls Hip Tattoos

by Hannah
(Eaton Colorado USA)

Girls Hip Tattoos

Girls Hip Tattoos

I am a great fan of girls hip tattoos and I always liked putting little heart stickers on my hip. When i tanned and i always got comments about how sexy it was.

So, i got a slanted heart 3 heart tattoos on my hip representing my little brother and my older sister and of course I. Girls hip tattoos are very attractive on specially girls i think. I hope you all also will agree with me. Kindly tell your opinions about hip tattoos in comments.

From : Owais
(President of

Thanks a lot Hannah for sharing your lovely and beautiful girls hip tattoo with all of us. I really liked your tattoo design and story behind your tattoo. I think hip is one of the newest and most sexy areas for girls for tattooing.

These designs are very easy to hide when needed in a professional situations but a great pair of hip hugger jeans will also reveal at least the top if not all of these great tattoos. I think girls hip tattoos look really sexy and if you get colorful flowers on this place then they look more sexy.

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