Girls Chest Tattoos

by Audrey
(Houston, US)

Girls Chest Tattoos

Girls Chest Tattoos

I have always liked girls chest tattoos. I had my 1st tattoo when I was 18 in 2008 on my neck. Now I am searching for sexy girls chest tattoos. I would like to get my name in Chinese writing.

I will prefer to my tattoo at the top of my breast with cartoon design, I don't want a real one. When it comes to chest tattoos for girls, then it means tattoo on below neck and upper breast area. In my views this spot offers a great flat canvas for tattoos. Please suggest me how should i put a design my chest area?

From : Owais
(President of

Thanks a lot Audrey for sharing your beautiful tattoo idea with us about girls chest tattoos. We are glad about your pick for tattooing. We believe chest is the most wanted area for girls to get tattoos. Chest locations of girls close to the breast and are considered cherished and bodily.

We think you must see here uploaded tattoo design. It's great design matching to your needs. As you want your name in Chinese characters, so you can use our Chinese Tattoo Translation services. You can also get any design in v shape. Because V shape design suit girls chest area. In our views girls chest tattoos, if done in right way can add a large amount of curiosity to your character.

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