Galaxy Tattoos

by Sean Ambrose
(Concord, NH USA)

Galaxy Tattoos

Galaxy Tattoos

Hello, Here I am uploading a great galaxy tattoos. This is a galaxy tattoos sleeve done by Sean Ambrose at Arrows and Embers Custom Tattooing in Concord, New Hampshire.

In my views if you want a realistic galaxy design on your skin, then you are not wrong and going to get a brightly colored design in a familiar shape.

From : Owais
(President of

Thanks a lot Sean Ambrose for uploading this beautiful artwork in our website. This is really a beautiful brightly colored design in a familiar shape.

You used bright blues, yellows and oranges against black background, which is looking really fantastic. This galaxy tattoos sleeve is really looking great on this guy's full arm. We think these kind of tattoos convert wearer's skin into a scenery. And this artist used body as a canvas as paper totally amazing. While guys, these kind of designs are very costly, so you should have a hug budget for getting this kind of ink.

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