Foot Tattoos

Do you want to investigate about lovely foot tattoos? Let's see we are offering the best foot tattoo ideas. We think there is no need to tell you that tattoos on foot are becoming increasingly popular amongst girls and ladies.

We think foot is the most sought after place amongst girls for tattooing after lower back. There are so many reasons behind the popularity of this kind of tattoo design such as size. We think foot is the best place for getting small tattoos. As you can easily conceal as well show your tattoo if you having it on your foot. It is one reason behind its popularity. You may know that tattoos on foot looks very feminine, girly as well as cute.

In reality females want femininity and cuteness in their ink so foot comes in their mind when they go for tattoos. Definitely foot tattoos are highly advisable for girls only but there are few designs available for guys also.

Although getting tattoos on foot is not an easy work. You may know that foot is one of the most painful parts of the body to get tattooed as there are lots of nerve endings in that area as well as the fact that there are fewer tissues to cushion the skin during tattooing process. You know our feet are also very sensitive so we don't have more control on our foot muscles. So, getting tattoo on foot also takes long time.

However, you will have to endure pain for a shorter time because of the less area of work. After it will complete, the pain that you would have to endure will turn into happiness. Since your foot will look fantastic and beautiful. Even if you have ugly foot a right kind of tattoo design can make your foot beautiful.

We highly recommend small stars or animal sign for guy's foot. But actually guys, girls deserve these designs because of their beautiful foot. There are so many other designs available for you. Let's see a great collection of the sexiest foot tattoos in below video. After watching this video you will easily understand why female's foot deserve foot tattoos.

Let's see on this girl having beautiful hibiscus flowers inked on her beautiful feet. Girls! We think you must give priority to flowers for tattooing your foot. As you already know flowers on your body look colorful, feminine as well as cute.

Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos normally symbolize beauty and femininity.

Meaning also vary with different designs such as flower signify living life with joy, butterflies signify 'a new birth' and stars symbolize destiny.

When it comes to the history of foot tattoos so we want to clear that feet tattoos seem to be a part of modern fashion. But it's wrong they are around us from centuries.

Back in history, people used to place some ink on their foot in order to enable people to easily identify each other. They were also intended to identify families, age groups and clans as a significant unit amongst tribes.

They look cute as well as you can find easily a small design for you. Some kind of floral designs and tribal patters can work well on your foot. Girls! We also highly recommend butterflies and fairies for your foot.

And in last we want to say that foot tattoos take long time so you must pick a high qualified & experienced tattoo artist as well as you must be 100% satisfy with your tattoo because your tattoo will be with you forever. Removing tattoos is more and more painful than getting it on foot.

Let's see this foot tattoo design. This girl is having a wing of dreamcatcher. She didn't use multiple colors of her tattoo design. But perfect use of lines by artist is making this tattoo also perfect for a girl.

Foot Tattoos

The most popular tattoo designs for inking foot are flowers such as cherry blossoms, lotus, and hibiscus as well some symbols just like stars, lovers names, heart and Chinese & Japanese letters.

Girls and ladies, you can get your foot tattoos from different sources, some are free such as free tattoo collections from different sites and some are paid such as membership sites.

Nevertheless, to find a precise tattoo for you, we always recommend not choosing your design from rubbish tattoo galleries of different sites; you should do that through our custom tattoos services. While we have frequently stated that everyone must get a unique design for his/her tattoo.

Through our custom tattoos services please allow our dedicated to work team to create an appealing and unrivaled foot tattoo only for you. A number of professional personalities are incorporated in this team, who actually yearn for assisting people explore the attractiveness of tattoos. Click here to get your tattoo custom designed by us. Just keep one reality in your intelligence that your tattoo always will be with you until death. Since removing tattoo is not an easy task. We believe you should invest your precious time and a bit of money in getting the best design for your never-going body artwork.

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