Foot Star Tattoos

Have you picked foot star tattoos as your next? Let's check we are offering the best foot star tattoo designs. Now a days we are seeing that people are loving to place wonderful star tattoos on foot and these number of people are increasing day by day.

As you know star is one of most popular kind of tattoo and people love them to place their body parts. Of course everyone wants to get a unique tattoo design. So, number of people is increasing who are searching online about star tattoos on foot.

Apart from this if you think star foot tattoos work only for girls then you are wrong. Think again guys about famous Blink drummber and Travis Barker together with other prominent male musicians all have star tattoo. Although we always advised guys for not putting any tattoo on their foot because it looks feminine. But by putting classic image of star on your feet you will definitely get compliments. Because it is suitable for guys also.

Foot star tattoo has a bright past. It has been adapted by many other groups such as the punk movement as well as martial arts fighter in the History. Besides this some celebrities also having it. You know what is the main reason behind its popularity. We think because it is available in different shapes, colors, sizes and designs. As you know foot star tattoos can be seen anytime and you will be motivated whenever you see it. As it symbolize destiny and success. If you have a good story behind your tattoo then it will remind you every time whenever you see this.

Let's see on this girl having sexy star tattoos on her foot. Yes, it is a wonderful example of good tattoo design. For having a nice tattoo design it is not necessary to have it in colors. You can get an amazing tattoo design in black ink also. But you need to do research for finding a design.

Foot Star Tattoos

A group of stars can work in better way for foot star tattoos.

Have you firmed up a star tattoo on foot after searching and evaluating a lot of designs? Now you need to make sure your design is unique. we know you don't want someone is wearing your kind of tattoo. So, first of all you need to decide whether you want to have a single star or a group of small stars.

Both situations are well. If you choose single star then it will give you a descent look and you choose get it in a color. On the other side if you want to have a group of stars on your foot then it is also a good idea. You can get any shape of small stars on your foot. You can choose your name starting letter or your loved one's name starting letter.

Some people choose their hands, shoulder and backs. But you know why people choose their foot for tattooing. Because they like their tattoos a little bit more discreet and they want to give a message to the world.

When it comes to choose shape or curve of your stars for foot then we will recommend to choose a star that has a curve from down to up. Because it can be seen easily and you can also choose different colors for these stars. About colors we will advised you for choosing bright colors.

So, there is no doubt foot star tattoos can enhance look of your body and it will give you confidence. As we said earlier by having tattoo you can increase your confidence level. But choose your design carefully and spend some time on searching a unique tattoo design.

Foot Small Star Tattoo

Foot Small Star Tattoo

Color Foot Star Tattoo

Color Foot Star Tattoos

Foot Star Tattoo Design

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