Foot Quote Tattoos

by Bailey

Foot Quote Tattoos

Foot Quote Tattoos

Hi! everyone my name is Bailey, and i belong to IL. I love foot quote tattoos. Here I am came to know that everyone can share tattoo pictures and ideas with other tattoos addicted people.

That's why I am sharing my tattoo idea with you guys. You guys are doing well job by providing this beautiful platform for sharing tattoo pics and getting comments on it from other. I think a foot quote tattoo on the arch of your foot that says, "A day without laughter is a day wasted" will work well.

From : Owais
(President of

Thanks a lot Bailey:) for sharing your beautiful tattoo idea. I also recommend foot quote tattoos to many guys and girls, specially to girls. It's a really good idea to get your favorite saying or quote on your foot. You can use Italian, Japanese Kanji or even a sanskrit tattoo design. The great thing about these kind of tattoo I like is that there are a lot of ways to embellish and add movement to your tattoo design by using different lettering styles. Let's see above quote foot tattoo design. You can see a girl having mind blowing quote inked on her foot that says "Never Compromise". I would like to hear everyone's opinion here in comments about this tattoo idea:)

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