Fairy Tail Tattoos

by Faye San

Fairy Tail Tattoos

Fairy Tail Tattoos

I am always a fan of Mirajane's fairy tail tattoo on her left thigh. It's a great tattoo design. That's why I decided to get one fairy tail as a tattoo also.

And I got it on my upper right area of back as you all can see in this picture. I love my tattoo a lot. I just preferred black ink. Because design look decent just in black ink. Thanks for giving me a chance to share my tattoo picture with you.

From Owais
(President of Tattoos-Beauty.com)

Thank you very much Faye! for sharing your beautiful fairy tail tattoo picture with all of us. We appreciate your contribution. You are inspired by Mirajane's tattoo. A lot of people get tattoos inspired by various celebrities. As everyone easily get attracted to this body art. I like your tattoo. I think sometimes a small and small tattoo can say a lot more than any detailed and complex tattoo. This statement proves true by your fairy tail tattoo.

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