Dragon Tattoos

Are you crazy for fantastic dragon tattoos? Let's see we are mentioning the best known dragon tattoo ideas for you. The pose of tattoos of dragon tells a lot about your personality, defensive or offensive.

Tattoos of dragon are extremely popular, regardless of age or gender. They are equally popular amongst guys and girls, mature or teens. Dragons have been a part of mythology in several cultures, and they have had various meanings and roles.

The pose of the dragon means a lot about how your nature is and what you think. Are you aggressive or more timid? Do you want to show anger or humility? These are some of the moods that can be shown by wearing tattoos of dragon on your skin in different posed.

We will discuss about it. Dragon tattoo designs are very adaptable and flexible body art and you can wear it on large areas of the body such as the arm, rib cage, chest, back and shoulder blade. They can be seen inked in colors such as red and green while others opt for the plain black ink with some tribal touch.

Let's see on this cute girl wearing dragon on her stomach. These kinds of tattoo are popular amongst girls and guys equally. We can say it's most popular kind of tattoo. So what you guess? What she wants to represent either aggressive or defensive? Yes, you are right she wants to represent defensive mood.

Dragon Tattoos

The critical representation of dragon tattoos is good luck.

The symbolism of dragon tattoo art is good luck, fortune and wisdom as how they are looked upon in the East. In China, they are the main symbol during the celebration of Chinese New Year as they are believed to bring prosperity, benevolence and good will. As a tattoo design, they can mean intelligence, protection, balance and harmony.

In Japan dragon used to be described as a being similar to snake without wings and small scratched legs. These dragons also had head with horns similar to camel. Their dragons were connected with natural elements such as ocean and clouds.

In western part of the world dragon used to be describe as most of you are already recognizable. Their dragons were fantasy and had facial appearance such as wings, 4 legs, and a long pointed tail, occasionally described as inhaling fire with their mouth.

Many cultures have some form of dragon myths and other stories in their history, these stories are the ones that are most commonly repeated in the culture. Dragon Tattoos can have many different meanings, because of the differences between cultures and beliefs. Dragons have repeated culture by culture it has a different history in different parts of world.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas

You can ink dragon in any color. It all depend what you want to express, you can perturb your dragon in immoral, aggressive or defensive poses easily. Most of the people will agree that dragon usually stand for evil side. If you are picking a western dragon then be careful and ensure that your design is one you really want. You can do that by opting for the right pose, color, size and spot on your body.

Let's see this guy having a traditional dragon tattoo inked on his upper arm. He also has an eagle sitting on dragon in his tattoo design.

We think these designs can be portrayed as terrifying or monster-like, charming and kind and even small and innocent. It all depends on what kind of message you want to convey with your dragon tattoo design.

Anyway, we can say tattoos of dragons can represent a variety of emotions and ideals, such as good, evil, wisdom, adventure, mischief, strength, and bravery. The key is to choose an image that represents you the best. It can fit with your emotion and passion but you should choose a design wisely.

You can select your dragon tattoos by searching for pre-made designs to various free sites exist on internet. Conversely, you can use our specialized tattoo flash gallery with the intention of finding the unsurpassed design for you dragon body art. Unfortunately, folks go for most common designs despite the fact that everyone must get a unique tattoo.

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