Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

Have you picked dragon sleeve tattoos as your next tattoo? If yes, then search out the best dragon sleeve tattoo designs. In our views dragon usually has a very artistic & spiritual look and appeal to the sleeve tattoos.

Dragon designs look fantastic as a full sleeve or even a half or quarter sleeve tattoo design. Because the long body of the dragon can go around your any part of body. Now question is that what's sleeve tattoo design?

We would like to tell you that a tattoo design is called sleeve tattoo that covers a large area of tattooing body part with showing very little area of skin. This is due to the fact that the entire area is covered with intricate designs. You must take note of one misunderstanding amongst people that sleeve tattoos don't just go on one part of the skin. A sleeve tattoo can go entirely around your leg or arm.

We think dragons are a symbol of wild fire, strength and excitement. A dragon interwoven into a sleeve tattoo can add red color and flare. If you get a fire breathing dragon as a sleeve on your arm then it can really add a mind blowing effect to your tattoo. As we told you so many times dragon are considered of as belonging to Asia but dragon sleeve tattoos were introduced by western world.

Anyway guys and girls let's see this beautiful dragon sleeve tattoos design. These designs are mostly preferred by men but many girls and women also get it too. Though, there is no doubt that dragon itself is usually featured on the upper arm as a half sleeve tattoo design. Because of the shape and design of a dragon, there are many designs that incorporate the upper arm (for both guys and girls) and the top corner of the chest.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

Dragon sleeve tattoos are some of the most common designs today.

So, you're convinced with a tattoo of dragon sleeve and want to go ahead. We think at the outset it's always important to decide first what type of sleeve tattoo you will get on your body.

As we told you earlier sleeve tattoo doesn't mean only on your arm. You can get this kind of tattoo on your leg also. So you have choose will you get ink on your arm or leg. After that as you may know there are three types of sleeve for arm quarters sleeve include shoulder to bicep area, half sleeve include wrist to elbow or shoulder to elbow, and full sleeve simply include shoulder to wrist area.

Now you have choose location of your sleeve dragon tattoo. We think most of you would like to prefer getting this kind of design on your arm rather than leg. Now one important decision you have to make here is do you want a more Western and medieval times looking dragon or a Chinese dragon design whatever you choose your artwork will be amazing if you go with sleeve dragon tattoo.

A tattoo sleeve design can be extremely beautiful. You need to use your own ideas and creative thoughts and look at some different shapes of dragon such as an Asian dragon, and tribal and more style based on the original dragon. We think this design looks really good in just black ink, if you want to get colorful sleeve then I would like to suggest reds, grey and greens.

Guys and girls be careful sleeve tattoos can't be removed without using an extremely invasive procedure that will damage the skin for the rest of your life, leaving ugly scars. That's why we advise you spending enough time on choosing final design for your tattoo, so that you would not regret your tattoo in future.

Making such a commitment to get such a tattoo is a big decision. We would also like to tell you that these designs take a lot of money and time, you may have to sit in a chair for a long time. But if your design is done in a right way, you'll be amazed at the results and just imagine having such amazing artwork on your body.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

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