Daisy Tattoos

Have you decided to get daisy tattoos? Let's see we are explaining beautiful daisy flower tattoo designs. At present daisy flower tattoos are known in the form of perfect tattoos body art.

We think the probably most feminine amongst flower tattoo designs is the daisy tattoo design. It's really very cute small design that can express your femininity in a nice way.

You may ask us what are the reason behind its popularity as a tattoo design amongst girls. We think as they are popular just because of their simple, small and cute design. As well as they are also available in different bright colors.

As you know girls love colorful things that's why they also choose daisy as their tattoo design. You also may know daisies close at night and open again in the morning. That's why medieval poet Chaucer called it "eye of the day". We think daisies are loved for its natural beauty and symbolic meanings.

We also like to tell you something about the origin of daisy. It will also help you in finding great tattoo design for you. The common Daisy is native to western, central and northern Europe and is also known as Lawn Daisy or English Daisy, but its scientific name comes from Latin: Bellis perennis, a wonderful name which means perennial beauty.

Let's see on this girl having cute daisy flower tattoo on her upper arm. We think you can't get much cute and girly than daisy tattoos inked on your body parts just like lower back, ankle, shoulder, arms and foot. Basically daisy tattoo symbolizes innocence and purity or we can say innocence of childhood. Specially white daisy flower has been associated with children and the innocence of childhood. Because in medieval times daisies have often been associated with the baby Jesus. That's why people always associate daisy with children innocence.

Daisy Flower Tattoos

Choose some bright colors for your daisy tattoos.

So, you are taking into thought about getting a daisy flower tattoo. Now good news is that daisy is available in so many bright colors. And you can choose any your favorite color for tattooing daisy on your skin.

But you must keep one thing in your mind daisy tattoos can symbolize different things to different people depending on the color, shape, and size of the tattoo design. This design can also symbolize sisterhood, love and purity.

Although it's not necessary to associate particular meaning to your tattoo design you can associate your personal meaning with it. But it should be clear to you don't care about others. There are different ways to personalize a daisy tattoo and make it unique. You can play with colors or combine a daisy tattoo with some other tattoo designs.

Now it's time to decide where will you place your daisy flower. We think this kind of tattoo design can be placed on almost every part of your body. But we recommend foot, ankles, shoulders but also hands and neck. One thing you must avoid broad and complex tattoo designs which can even cover your whole side, or part of the back

So we can say daisy tattoos are versatile of course this depend on how the design is being done. you have to make sure that you go to professional artists who have passion and skill for doing this body art. Be remember you must be 100% happy with your chosen tattoo design you tattoo will be with you forever.

Daisy Tattoos

Daisy Tattoo

Daisy Flower Tattoo

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