Dad Memorial Tattoos

by Colum

Dad Memorial Tattoos

Dad Memorial Tattoos

Hi! this is Colum here wanted to share dad memorial tattoos. This fellows dad died in a fishing accident, at only 45yrs old age. His young lad wanted to tribute his dad with this tattoo.

As you can see in uploaded picture. He has tattoo on his back area with two angel wings and a cross between them. "Daddy" is also written, with his life period "1965-2010". I think this is a good example how a great dad memorial tattoos can be created.

From : Owais
(President of

Hello Colum, thanks a lot for uploading this great tattoo. Of course, we agree with you, this is a great example of dad memorial tattoos. We think while choosing designs for memory tattoos, you should think a lot before getting them, since its very personal and close to your heart. Many people prefer to go with the religious symbols such as cross, angel wings or rosary along with the name of the person. In the same way, this lad use a Celtic cross, angel wings and his daddy in his tattoo design.

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