Cross Neck Tattoos

by Jaitely

Cross Neck Tattoos

Cross Neck Tattoos

I love cross neck tattoos and I want a maltese cross on my back of the neck. I think cross neck tattoos are some of the popular designs those are preferred by a number of people.

In my views cross tattoos on back of neck are some of the most popular neck tattoos amongst tattoos fans of all ages.

From : Owais
(President of

Thanks a lot Jaitely! for asking and writing to us your tattoo idea. First of all, we would like to congrats to you for deciding a great location for your cross tattoo. You are correct that our back of neck is a good place for a cross, a star, and so many other symmetrical designs.

Front and side of the neck tattoos are two other tattoo ideas. But they are not popular just like back of neck. Let's see a great design of cross neck tattoos in here uploaded picture. He got his cross with wings on his back of the neck. You can also consider about having cross with rosary. Dear friend, except one downside of pain, you will find a lot benefits of getting cross neck tattoos. As your artist can do this kind of design speedily. Since this tattoo comes typically in tiny size and therefore also outcome in low expenses.

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