Cross Heart Tattoos

Cross heart tattoos is in memory of a very good friend of mine who passed away on January !6th 2012 at the age of 18. I got my cross heart tattoo in his favourite colour, which was orange. He was one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. His death came sudden and hit everyone like a rock.

Everyone was shocked after listening his death's news including me. I cried for many days in his memory after his death. I cried resentfully when I listened news of his death But now time has passed and I have got remedy on the wounds of my heart.

This tattoo reminds me to be happy every day, because I know that's what he wants for all of us. When the sky lights up orange I know he's still here, and still looking down. Rest in paradise Jordan David Mehlenbacher. You will never, ever be forgotten my dear friend by me. xox

Cross Heart Tattoos

Cross Heart Tattoos by Kenadi
(Ontario, Canada)

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These days wide arrays of recipe of cross and heart styles are effortlessly obtainable with the intention of getting an evergreen tattoo piece. In reality guys and girls love recipe of cross and heart tattoos because of their together symbolism of love. As everyone knows cross is also known as a symbol of love for God and heart is a very common universal symbol of love.

So certainly heart expressly can form a perfect design by merging with cross. Commonly these tattoos are seen on the wrist or forearm, with a cross in corner or midst of heart. According to us by merging heart with cross you just desired to have a loving memory tattoo for your best friend.

After having a gaze at your tattoo we can examine that splendor of your tattoo is found in unfussiness of tattoo. You are effectively expressing your sorrows of your friend's death by your tattoo. As you got it on your wrist, which is a well-known painful spot for inking. So in this way you are again expressing pain of your sorrow.

So guys if you are also interested in these kinds of tattoos then after having a gaze on different styles of cross heart tattoos, you can evidently make out that these designs are typically made for inking on wrist areas. People often get some love expressing phrases with a loved one's name while inking cross hear tattoo. For a more delightful design, you can opt to get a heart sketch with the flag colors surrounded by. The sketch is often done in shadowy color, and completed with broad strokes.

You should always opt for small size of designs if you getting inked on small areas of body. But if you are planning to get it on broad areas of your body such as upper arm or back, then you can think about opting larger designs. Celtic is one another very popular form for getting cross heart tattoos. Just think about getting a heart made of Celtic spirals and cross made of knots.

There are folks who prefer to choose these designs because they are a symbol of love and romance. And after merging with Celtic cross they become more praiseworthy. In the past, lovers accustomed to get Celtic hearts as tattoos to symbolize their dedication. However, cross heart tattoos either in Celtic knots or in other form can be great designs for those who are yearn for getting a loving memory tattoo for a cherished one's death.

Heart with Cross Tattoo

Cross Heart Tattoo

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