Celtic Tree Tattoos

Do you want to investigate about Celtic tree tattoos? Learn more about the great Celtic tree tattoo designs. We are seeing that Celtic tattoo tree of life have become very popular choice amongst folks in recent years.

We think Celtic tree of life is not very different from the cross because they both put up a link between earth and heaven. These designs can leave a long lasting impression on your tattoo viewers.

Only a few people know that Celtics were ruling all over the Europe some 3000 years before, till the Roman Empire came to the Europe.

If you really belong to Celtic descent Irish, Scots, or Welsh, then you can have so many meanings attached to this design depending upon where in the Celtic world your roots lie. Celtic people were known for their bravery and art culture. Artwork created by them was very complex and decorative.

Let's take a look at few reasons those are responsible for the popularity of these designs as tattoos. In our views these designs are cool just because of the gender less concept of them. Most of the Celtic tree designs work as well for guy as for girl. As you already know "Trees" are truly important and helpful to us in a way to provide food, shelter and comfort. That's why a Celtic tattoo tree of life can symbolize eternity by weaving roots and branches together to depict endless life. This is the another most important reason behind popularity of these designs.

Guys and girls let's see this tattoo picture. A guy with a Celtic tree tattoo on his right upper arm. You can see how beautifully his artist combined black lines with the interact Celtic design. There are many ways in which the design of such a tattoo can be done. Usually, this symbol is done in black ink on any part of body.

Celtic Tree Tattoos

Celtic tree tattoos symbolize a never ending cycle of dying and rebirth.

So, you have decided a Celtic tree tattoo beyond a shadow of a doubt for you. You should be clued-up that inking tattoos of Celtic tree will simply indicates that you believe in eternity or perpetuity.

You can get a Celtic tree design that actually comes from old form of Celtic culture. But obviously you always want to make sure that your design is unique then you can make some small changes in basic tattoo design.

Now you have to decide size of your tattoo and where to place it on your body. We think its versatility makes it suitable in any part of the body. But as we think these designs are preferred by people who want to get a medium size of tattoo.

As we said earlier Celtic tree tattoo also symbolizes a connection between heaven and earth. So you can depict this by the branches of the tree reaching for the heavens while the roots grasp the earth. You can also get a trunk which will show meeting point between these two worlds.

These branches of tree have continuous loops with no end that normally symbolize a never ending cycle of dying and rebirth. It also can express eternal unity and everlasting love.

As far as color of the design is concerned as we told you these designs are done in black ink. Though, you can add some colors just like red, blue, green and orange in your Celtic design. But whole tattoo is black ink also looks lovely. So, we can say they are awesome designs, whatever you decide on, make sure you love it.

Celtic Tree Tattoo

Celtic Tattoo Tree of Life

Celtic Tree Tattoos

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