Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Have you finally chosen Celtic dragon tattoos? Let's see we can help you choose the best Celtic dragon tattoo designs. For many years we have seen a lot of people choose dragon Celtic tattoos for their skin.

People are loving these designs and appearance of this design can be overwhelming specially if tattoo artist enhances Celtic dragon with colors and characters.

We think descent design of a Celtic dragon tattoo can catch the attention of people toward your tattoo. We have seen number of people having this design and for some of them it is an expression of their personality as someone strong and who rises above the situation.

As you may know that these designs belong to celt's tribes of Ireland. But it we go deeply about the history of celts then we come to know that early Celts had nothing to do with dragons in their art. It appears that the dragon was brought to the Celts by the Vikings. Anyway guys and girls let's see this beautiful Celtic dragon tattoos picture. These designs are mostly preferred by men to give a sense of superiority. As you may know this tattoo is of masculine nature.

But it doesn't mean girls and women do not choose this design. Women who have strong personalities take fancy in this design. The Celtic dragon has so many meaning for the Celt's. The most famous meaning is fertility. It symbolizes the birth of earth and the first appearance of life. But we think basically it symbolizes strength and rebirth of life and the birth of living creatures.

Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Use multi-colors in your Celtic dragon tattoos.

Have you proved a tattoo of Celtic dragon as your ink artwork? But before inking it you should take its meaning into consideration. If you have risen above the bad situation then this tattoo is for you.

As we told you earlier dragon are considered of as belonging to Asia. Eastern dragon has nicest meaning, they represent kindheartedness, good luck and fertility. While western dragon has quite the opposite meaning, being seen as an evil, greedy, fire breathing creature.

So you have to decide which dragon will you get as a tattoo. Normally a red dragon represents anger and a white dragon represents death. Now you have decide location of your tattoo. Usually a dragon tattoo is pretty complex, specially if it is a Celtic dragon tattoo.

That's why we would like to recommend you a design on a larger scale and on a flat spot. In our views the best place where you could get it would be your back or chest. We think getting a small design would not work well. We would like to suggest you that use multiple colors in your Celtic dragon design because it will enhance the appearance of image.

As a result of bigger size and complex nature this design can be pretty expensive to get inked. That's why you should think well about what design you choose when it comes to colors. The more colors you use the more expensive it will be. But one thing we can pledge that your design will be attractive and beautiful. Anyway you should spend some time on deciding your final design because as we said so many times you must consider your tattoo a permanent ink.

Dragon Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Dragon Tattoo

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