Butterfly Wings Tattoos

Do you want to ink butterfly wings tattoos? Find out the best butterfly wings tattoo designs for you. We are seeing that tribal wing tattoo has become quite popular amongst people who love tribal tattoo art.

Girls and women love the look and feel of butterfly wing tattoos. No doubt that there is something essentially feminine about this fragile beauty. But we think it should not be considered as an entirely feminine symbol.

Throughout the history, butterfly and their wings were also attached to male or masculine. Adam's soul in image of the Garden of Eden is also symbolized by a butterfly or depicted with butterfly wings.

Though, this insect is very lady like natural creatures and girls who love natural creatures prefer to go with either butterfly of their wings. In our views butterfly wings have more significance then it's body. Normally, they symbolize different things. Many people with butterfly wings tattoos have the design because of some religious symbolism or reference. They are also powerful symbols of cultural traditions. In every part of the world Western, Asia or Europe butterfly wings has been used as a symbol for the human soul since ancient times. There are only few cultures that do not have any attachment with butterfly wings.

Let's see this tattoo picture. A girl with a beautiful and colorful pair of butterfly wings on her back. We think butterfly wings are loved by girls because of their natural beauty and colorful appeal. Similar to any other wing tattoo designs, these wings are also inked onto the shoulders and back areas.

Butterfly Wings Tattoos

Butterfly wings tattoos are usually inked in large format.

Have you really finalized butterfly wing tattoo for your ink art? Prior to ink it you should be well-informed that if you get a pair of butterfly wings on your back, then your artists will do down-to-earth artwork.

Since these designs are usually inked in large format. Although, they also look decent in small and simple format. We think it's the main reason behind these designs popularity that they look good in both big and small format.

In addition, butterfly wings tattoos are more preferred by girls instead of guys. As all wings signify freedom, fantasy, and flight. So we would like to suggest you flying wings not fallen. It may give you the feeling of freedom and flying away when troubles occur with you.

Now you have to decide where to place your butterfly wing tattoo design. As we always say back is the most favorable place for tattooing all types of wings. But with butterfly wings you have more choices available. You can place your design on back of neck, upper back, forearm, ankle or wrist also.

You can find different styles of butterfly wings from very simple to the most complex designs. A large number of people go with complex and large designs. These designs will require many types of colorful inks to be used. We would also like to tell you that these type of tattoos cannot be completed in one single session. Due to large size, intricacy and the great variety of colors this tattoo may cost you high. But if you are on budget then choose a small size.

Butterfly Wing Tattoo

Tattoos of Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wing Tattoos

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