Breast Tattoos

Do you want to investigate about breast tattoos? Find out different breast tattoo ideas to choose from. We think most of the ladies are going to get tattoos done on their breast in order to draw attention in a sexy as well as unique way.

You should not get confused here with chest tattoos, it's clear that tattoos on the ladies and girls' breasts simply will be called breast tattoos. Sometimes these designs are called female chest tattoos. However, they all are same and they are very feminine, sexy and hot designs.

We will also discuss about tattoos on surrounding areas of breast just like upper breast and under breast here. We are seeing that these designs are becoming more and more visible and socially acceptable in modern times these days. We personally know about a dozen girls who got breast tattoos and some of their designs are visible and some are not.

As you already know breast is a very close area to a heart. So we think a tattoo design can take on a lot of meaning and symbolism here. You can go with your special one's name or other words on your upper breast near heart. You can embellish your tattoo with some graphic designs also but the words are the primary focus.

Popular and great looking tattoo designs for this Area of ladies tend to get a variety of tattoos including flowers motifs, butterflies, feminine designs, nature and vines. There are endless options available for you just like wings, stars, angels, and fairies are some of the fantasy themes for these kinds of tattoos. Girls let's watch this video of a huge selection of the most amazing breast tattoos. We are sure, after watching this video you will clearly recognize that tattoos on breast are not all taboo at all. They are getting social acceptability.

Let's see this sexy lady having a tattoo on upper part of her breast. We think breast tattoos are very feminine and can be very attractive for your partner or significant other. Upper breast is a very popular location for tattooing among girls who love bikinis at beach areas. As you can see this girl has a unicorn on her upper breast.

Sexy Breast Tattoos

Ladies decide to ink breast tattoos to celebrate sexuality.

We think these tattoos represent an art form, and allow ladies to broadcast who they are. According to some people ladies and girls choose these designs in order to signify turning point in their lives. On the other hand some ladies choose them to celebrate sexuality. Breast tattoos represent naughty messages meant only for the spouse or the lover of the wearer. However, it all depends on you and your tattoo should have meaning and significance for you.

Back in the history they have even been found in some tribal tattoos. Mostly Native ladies valued and wore tattoos on their breast in the past. We got some mummies in our museums carrying tattoos on their breast areas.

So it's clear that breast tattoos have been major parts of many cultures. And ladies of Native American tribes, the Maoris of New Zealand, as well as some Hawaiian and Polynesian women, they all used to get tattoos on breast.

Normally they used to get tattoos on their breast in order to communicate sexual maturity as well as in order to make their body attractive.

Let's take a look at this tattoo on a girl upper breast. This girl is showing her breast tattoos. We think this is a perfect kind of tattoo design for breast, if you are looking for a cute and feminine design.

Breast Tattoos

Getting tattoos on breast means you must not be a shy girl.

Before you rush to your local tattoo parlor in excitement for getting tattoo on your breast, make sure that you keep some positive and negative points in your mind regarding breast tattoos.

Getting tattoos on breast means you must not be a shy girl. As breast is one of a private part of body. So talk to your tattoo artist and he or she must be comfortable working on this area as well as you are going to be at ease with him touching. Risk of infection is the most obvious concern that most people have while getting a tattoo on breast, that's why you must and find a reputable tattoo artist that follow all safety practices.

We think the biggest problem with these designs is a problem of distort. As our skin of breast stretches and shrinks with the passing of time, so it will affect the appearance of your tattoo. That's why you have to take care of your skin if you are going to get tattoo on your breast

Now let's talk about its positive side. One advantage in choosing a breast tattoo is that as it offers a great canvas, so these designs are very flexible and can be made to look whatever you want cute and shy or hot and sexy. Secondly, you can easily put your tattoo done around breast out of sight from your boss in harsh work atmosphere hahaha... While we have already said that tattoos placed on this place can be more meaningful because of nearby heart location. However, when it comes to design ideas for breast tat, the possibilities are literally endless available for you.

Ladies and girls, you can adopt different ways to find designs for your butterfly tattoos. For instance, you can do that by searching your designs in free tattoo galleries. Though, to get that best tattoo design, we would like to tell about our tattoo flash gallery. You cannot pick your design from free but worthless tattoo galleries. As we always say you must go with an incomparable tattoo design.

Type keyword of tattoo type in box and click enter below. You'll find so many appealing and unrivaled designs for your breast tattoos. Some good personalities are included in this team and they want to help people explore the prettiness of tattoos. While carry one important fact in your mind that your body art will be with you evermore. Since taking out tattoo from your skin is not an easy as well hurting work. You must put in a sufficient amount of time and a little cash in ruling that ideal design for your tattoo.

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