Arm Lion Tattoo

Hello everyone my name is Faiyaz and I belog to Hyderabad, INDIA. Here I am uploading my lovely arm lion tattoo artwork done on my upper arm area. This is a picture of "Ferocious Lion" with two tribal lines on my arm.

As you can observe my arm lion tattoo in below declared tattoo picture. In my outlooks my lion tattoo symbolizes Royalty, Courage and Strength. As everyone knows lion is considered the king of the jungle.

So, obviously this animal is the best representative of royalty, courage and strength. Those who are in search of these kind of qualities in life can have these type of tattoos inked on their shoulder and arms. Hmmm.. I think roaring lion face with some tribal curves is the best choice specially among young guys. And no doubt that upper arm and upper back are considered the best placement for tattooing these tattoos. I hope you guys are gonna like my arm lion tattoo.

Arm Lion Tattoo

Arm Lion Tattoo by Faiyaz
(Hyderabad, INDIA)

From : Owais
(President of

Thanks a lot Faiyaz for uploading this gorgeous tattoo picture. We have been monitoring for a long time that there are individuals who prefer to get a unruffled lion and there are some that prefer to ink a roaring lion. Some prefer to get inked only its head, conversely some prefer to get inked its whole body.

Faiyaz, you are already aware that you got a ferocious lion tattoo. So, we would like to provie some info to our visitors about ferocious lion. Mainly these lions protect their territory in order to grow their pride. These lions are considered ferocious just because of their fierce roar but they do also make other kind of sounds such as meowing, woofing and mocking.

But it doesn't mean these lion always do fierce roar. They are loving and mischievous while resting, this resting time usually take up to 15 - 20 hours a day. At the same time they are exceedingly horrible when food is on the sight.

This is a great misconception about lion tattoos that they are inked only on guys skin. Lion tattoos are very popular amongst girls folks also. Actually most of these girls choose head of lion as a symbol of astrology. The funny fact is that these signs are also inked mostly on arm among girls also. Some times arm lion tattoo is an indication of antagonism. We think except arms these tattoos also good lovely at hip and back areas. A large number of guys and girls like better to go for pattern that portrays a realistic lion.

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