Ankle Tattoos

Are you interested in ankle tattoos? If yes, then read on to know about various ankle tattoo ideas. No question at all, tattoos on ankle are some of the most popular tattoo designs and have been around for quite a while.

They can make your legs & foot look extremely sexy. When it comes to the most obvious parts for tattooing then ankle is a very good part of our body.

These designs come in different sizes, shapes as well as symbolic meaning. Some of the most common tattoo designs for ankle are fairies, dragons, flowers, stars, crosses, Chinese symbols, butterflies, or Zodiac signs. But that doesn't mean you can't tattoo anything you want, you can include words, saying or name of your loved one.

Normally these designs can be as simple or complex as a you desires. One of the most popular choices for ankles are bracelet type tattoos that encircle the entire ankle. The design options for these placement areas are endless. And not only it is attractive and sexy, it is also highly fashionable. We think these bracelet designs are sometimes so simple and woven around each other as they surround the ankle and at other times it can be so many designs linked together to form unique ankle tattoos designs.

Let's see on this beautiful girl showing her sexy tattoo on ankle. We think seeing a sexy tattoo in a suggestive place can earn you a lot of attention.

Although some guys get tattoos on their ankle. But guys! we think tattoos on ankle work well only on girl's beautiful foot and you have to accept this real fact. The ankle is a great place for a tattoo on girls because they are really showcased by the right pair of strappy sandals.

Ankle Tattoos

You should know a brief history of ankle tattoos.

Tattoos on ankle can mean many things to many people. Basically we think they have been found to represent love and friendship, specially if they’re in a heart motif.

Back in the history they have even been found in many tribal tattoos. People in tribes used to tattoo their ankle with only black ink but lately modern tattoo artists have begun to create different styles and interpretations.

We think bracelet tattoo on ankle is just another piece of jewelry because it can make you feel pretty. And it indicates "swinging" lifestyle, it means if someone got this on her ankle then it indicates she is available & looking. Simply Ankle tattoos can be used to symbolize friendship and love in the form of hearts. When it comes to flowers on ankle then simply different flowers symbolize different things.

Let's see on this tattoo design on girl's both ankles. There is a bracelet on left ankle and some kanji symbols on right ankle. We think this is a perfect tattoo design for ankle.

Sexy Ankle Tattoos

Before you rush to your local tattoo parlor in excitement for getting tattoo on your ankle, make sure that you keep some positive and negative points in your mind regarding ankle tattoos.

Everyone knows that getting tattoos on ankle simply signify you have to bear a little pain. For the reason of the thickness of the tissue on ankle is less, so less this thickness is, the more painful the tattoo would be to get.

We want to bring you up to date about its positive side. Since tattoos on ankle are smaller than other tattoo designs, so representative cost will be lower. If you are on a budget, then it will be good idea to choose a small and cute design with one or two colors.

Another advantage in choosing an ankle tattoo is that they can be easily concealed. Simply by wearing a pair of socks or shoes and a long pant you can continue with your professional job and other formal situations. However, where this is not the case, you could simply remove your socks and don a pair of sandals that look sexy and draws attention to your sexy ankles.

You'll not need to experience a longer healing process. Because ankles are not more exposed to sun and other elements just like wrist. In the same way it does not require more touch-up work to maintain its appearance.

There is a wide variety of different ankle tattoos available for you and one of the most important things to consider when trying to choose the design that is just right for you is to choose something that has some symbolic significance to you. Though some people get them because they are really sexy, if you are also going to ink your ankle for this reason then it's not bad. Whatever it is you will be much happier with your tattoo if you put some time into carefully considering the design that you want.

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