Ankle Bracelets Tattoos

by Renee
(Simi Valley, CA)

I would like to get inked hot ankle bracelets tattoos with my 3 kids names, each kids name will have an icon dangling like a charm representing their personality.

example: My daughter Eryn plays soccer, so a soccer ball
My son Steve is a free spirit so maybe something for him
My daughter Nicole is a girlie girl so perhaps a crown or something.

I would like it to be like a changing of flowers, with a plaque for each name, then for each child they bear a small butterfly above their names with the wings having the initial of the grandchild in it.

From : Owais
(President of

Great Renee! you got a very good ankle bracelets tattoos idea. By getting this kind of tattoo you will express love towards your children. I think you should use our custom tattoo design services. Our professional tattoo designers team can create this design for you. Just Click Here and submit custom tattoo order form.

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