Angel Neck Tattoos

by Bobby
(Gulfport, Ms.)

Angel Neck Tattoos

Angel Neck Tattoos

Hi, this is Bobby. And I want to get angel neck tattoos. Please suggest me any great idea or designs for angel neck tattoos. I want to have angel wings on the front of my neck.

And right below it on the upper part of my chest have "VERLEAN" hanging across like a necklace and under that have a scripture from the bible.

From : Owais
(President of

Hello Bobby, thanks a lot for letting us help you in finding great tattoo design for you. We are very impressed by your idea. Of course, it's really a great tattoo idea.

Here we are uploading an image of wings that can be suited to your neck with "VERLEAN" hanging across like a necklace. You must be aware that getting any tattoo on front of neck is quite painful. When you will get angel neck tattoos then it is clear that you are going to endure some pain just because it is thin and close to the bone. So you should be brave enough in order to bear the pain for a few hours time. However, in order to find the right one and unique design for you, we would like to recommend our custom tattoos services for you.

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