A New Research says on January 21, 2010 Women With More Even and Radiant Skin Are More Beautiful

A new study, claimed that beauty is officially skin deep. according to scientists, women with a more even and radiant skin are the ones people fin more beautiful.

January 21, 2010

Delhi, India (www.tattoos-beauty.com) - It's a great news for people who are confuse whether a good face or good skin is necessary for looking beautiful. A new research says beauty is officially skin deep, according to scientists, women with a more even and radiant skin tone are the ones people find beautiful, suggesting that an even skin tone is more important than symmetry of a face.

beautiful skin

Scientist say this could help explain the continuing succes of older actresses like Halle Berry, 3, and Cate Blanchett, 40, both renowned for having "goog skin in close-ups".

Another new research has 'discovered' that men are must quicker to say "I Lover You" to their partners than women. The study also found that the over 55s are the more active and experimental in the dating arena. Well, they'd have to be, considering how soon they'll be over the fence!

So, Girls Be wise and never ignore your skin if you are anxious about your beauty.

By Mr. Owais
(Journalist and Managing Director of www.tattoos-beauty.com)

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