Don't Take Drink Before Going Tattoo Studio In Order To Draw Tattoo On Your Skin

famous tattoo artist said in Delhi, on 25th April 2010 that anyone should not take drink or any kind of drugs at least 48 hours before going tattoo studio in order to draw tattoo on his/her skin. because it can harm your skin.

April, 25 2010

Delhi, INDIA ( - It's a great news for guys and girls who are tattoo addicted. Never take drink or any kind of drugs before tattooing your skin. because your skin can get allergy by this way. you should not take at least 48 hours before sitting in any tattoo studio or parlor.

Mr. Naseem, a famous Tattoo Artist here in Delhi said on Monday, "I ask my clients every time whenever they take sitting in my studio about their last two days. because i know if they took drink then their skin can get allergy by tattoo ink."

We asked some more questions to Mr. Naseem then he told us some precautions that every guy or girl should adopt while or before sitting in tattoo studio.

  • No alcohol or drugs to be consumed for at least 48 hours before the sitting
  • Have a breakfast! Don't be tattooed on an empty stomach, it could cause problems later on into the tattoo.
  • recommends a bath or a shower a few hours before the sitting to soften and clean the area to be tattooed prior to sitting.
  • No smoking in the studio while tattoo artist is working on your skin.
  • The tattoo artist requests stillness and calm whilst sitting for tattoo, this gets the best final results in the tattooed image. Please do not hesitate to tell the artist if any discomfort occurs, the artist will stop and resume only when the client is comfortable.
  • You must be 18 years old.

So, Guys and Girls Be wise and adopt these precaution and save your skin from the side effects of tattooing.

By Mr. Owais
(Journalist and Managing Director of

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