So.. Are you Tattoos Addicted?

"Are you tattoos addicted? Are you anxious about your beauty care?" Those are questions we are asking to you. If your answer is yes, then welcome to the world's largest tattoo ideas revealing site.

Here, you will see we have investigated deeply regarding various tattoos ideas and beauty care. And we can help you pick a design that will keep you happy forever. We really want to help people explore the beauty of tattoos. You will find do's and don'ts while tattooing your body part, crazy tattoo ideas, make up secrets, skin care tips and everything related to your beauty.

Since it's the question of your beauty where 99% people don't compromise. Tattoo has become a fashion trend. Its popularity is increasing day by day that a lot of people wish to have at least one type of tattoo drawn on their skin in order to express their passion, personality, emotions as well as skills.

Tattooing trend is growing and growing. If you see in the past, then you will find that almost every culture liked and accepted tattoos. Let's see a collection of the sexiest tattoos in this video. After watching this video you will realize why tattoo art is the sexiest kind of body art.

Now a days you know we are seeing guys and girls are becoming passionate about this body art that have not ever seen. It may be just because of celebrities. They are loving this body art in order to express their personality and emotions as well as in order to enhance their body look.

Painful Tattoos

However, guys let's see this traditional tattoo done by artist Jesse. Guys, getting this kind of complex and high graphic design is not an easy work. Here, you can realize people ignore pain level when they initially think about ink. After completing tattoos their pain turns into happiness.

Girls are going crazy for tattoos that we have never seen in past. They are seeking unique and different kind of tattoo designs. Guys always have been attracted to this body art but today they are going more passionate about them. Normally, Arm, Back and Chest Tattoos are very popular tattoo ideas for guys. Men's tattoos are often symbols of power, symbols of life living with joy and so on.

Men Tattoos

Let's see this guy design. We think tattoos for men depict their muscularity. This guy having tattoo on his arm and upper back which are very popular parts amongst guys for tattooing.

Do you want to know a little about tattoos history?

Meaning and History of Tattoos

Although, there is no need to tell you a definition of this body art. They were very common in past, they are very common in present and we think they will be very common in future. But if you ask us to explain "Tattoos" in few sentences then we can say tattoo is a mark made by inserting permanent ink into the layers of skin in order to change the pigment for decorating any part of our body.

Tattoos have a long and bright history. Scientist said that they have found many mummies bearing tattoos. In the ancient time tattoos was associated with religious and spiritual values. Tattoos are as old as human being and religion. Tattoos have served as marks of status and rank, symbol of love, protection, punishment and marks of outcasts.

Japan and china have been associated with this body art since their early days. The Japanese people used tattoos for religious rites. India has been also associated with this sexy body art since ancient time. People in India were also addicted to tattoos of the names of their goddess and lords. They used to wear symbols of Lord Shiva, Lord Ram and OM. Tattoos were also very common in the western countries and Americans countries, western trends exhibited tattoo as a religion, an incredible art and fashion.

In Europe this body art was very popular too. Polynesian Cultures and Irish cultures are few live examples of those cultures who were also tattoos addicted. Here we are trying to clear you one fact that almost every culture and every country used to get tattoos and you have to agree with us.

About tattoos we just want to introduce you from history of this famous body art. We know meaning and history of tattoos sometimes don't matter. If you like a design then it's an enough reason to get it inked on your skin.

However, tattoos have so much to offer everyone.. fashion, glamour, sexiness and coolness as well as a sense of confidence on ourself. So what's your inspiration about having tattoo? what's your best tattoo design idea? What tattoo design will match your personality, your skills and your emotions?

They all questions are flowing in everyone's mind. Deciding a tattoo design may be difficult. Although there is no shortage of designs but People get nervous when they go for a tattoo. But you don't need to worry. Here you will see we discuss everything related to tattoos.

  • Precautions while tattooing.
  • What you must do in care of a new tattoo.
  • Who is your best Tattoo Artist?
  • What type of design will match best to your personality and emotions?
  • What you should know about tattoo ink.
  • Why we say always you must get a unique tattoo design on your body, never copy other people's tattoo design.
  • Few points about tattoo machines and tattoo studios.
  • A long discussion about tattoo removal techniques.
  • Why you should include your passion, personality and emotions whenever you are confused in choosing a tattoo.

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